Archive | December 9, 2012

McCarthy: this Egyptian mess was easy to predict

One day, people like Andrew McCarthy will be listened to by the know-it-alls but that day will come much later than it should. Egypt’s Predictable Unraveling Includes this Hillary / Huma excerpt: Western democracy has Judeo-Christian underpinnings. At its core is the equal dignity of every person. This sacred commitment, ironically, enables our bedrock secular […]

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Video: Pro-Sharia Muslim sworn in as Municipal Councilor in Belgium; citizen erupts, calls him out

Is it not perjury to take an oath while remaining loyal to an agenda antithetical to that oath? The man shouting is right in thinking it is. Yet, he is told to shut up. To say there is a leadership vacuum in Western civilization today is a gross understatement and the reason is cowardice. It’s […]

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Liberal writer David Ignatius: Obama ‘enabl(ing)’ Muslim Brotherhood

Liberal Washington Post writer David Ignatius is coming to an interesting realization – Barack Obama is enabling the Muslim Brotherhood. Duh, David. We non-elites outside of Washington, DC have been sounding that alarm for quite some time. Don’t let us get in your way, though. Hit us with some brilliance. Via WaPo: How did Washington […]

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