Archive | December 8, 2012

Video Testimony: Devout Muslim visited by Jesus in Prison

This unnamed man says that he was once a devout Shiite Muslim who was a member of Hezbollah. He was imprisoned after being arrested for possessing multiple passports. He then takes you through his visitation while in prison. Is it good enough just to be informed? Consider being a partner in saving the lives of […]

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The Coming Storm of Blood For Egypt’s Copts

By Theodore Shoebat “It’s as if (they) are challenging the police, the government and the general prosecutor, and that they want to drag the Coptic Christians into sectarian violence, a season of blood” These are the words of Emad El Erian, a spokesman for a Coptic rights organization on how the Salafist Muslims are trying […]

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Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi in distress; Obama administration sending reinforcements

It cannot be underscored enough when digesting the story below that the wife of Egypt’s President, Mohammed Morsi, and the mother of Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff – Huma Abedin – are close colleagues as leaders in the Muslim Sisterhood. Barack Obama has also defended Huma. Now, with that as a backdrop, a question: […]

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