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Mahmoud Abbas exhorts the masses: Jerusalem is Palestine’s ‘Eternal Captial’

It would appear that Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA) is a little too frisky over the recent U.N. decision to grant Palestine ‘nonmember observer status’ as a state. Via INN: PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Sunday promised someday the PA flag would fly over “Jerusalem, eternal capital of the state of Palestine.” Thousands […]

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Report: Party of Egypt’s president paying gangs to ‘Rape women’

Uh, didn’t we just get done posting about how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a problem with Israel building homes in its capital but has no comment on Egypt’s draft constitution, which opens the door for slavery and the further subjugation of women? Yes, but this is a much related – yet separate – […]

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Huma’s influence? Hillary Critical of Israel for settlements; no comment on Egypt’s draft constitution that won’t ban slavery

Yet more circumstantial evidence that Huma Abedin does have the ability to influence her boss (it’s relatively easy to ascertain Abedin’s position on all of this – her family is Muslim Brotherhood). Egypt’s draft constitution, which essentially opens the door for sharia law is met with silence from the Obama administration while Israel’s announcement that […]

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Syrian Revolution Is A Movement To Kill Christians

By Theodore Shoebat The Syrian Revolution is for the establishing of an Islamic state, and in so doing, Christians are being killed by the Islamist. But I fear the future, knowing that the time is coming in which a full out massacre will be implemented by the Islamist in Syria. The fall of Assad will […]

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