Archive | December 24, 2012

More Rocket Science: Syrian Rebels announce plans to implement Sharia when Assad falls

Those who were adamant that Bashar al-Assad should be removed (John McCain and Lindsey Graham, for example) have some ‘splaining to do. Via Digital Journal: Jabhat Al Nusra has emerged as the most powerful fighting group amidst the Syrian rebel opposition. The Islamist group has outlined its plans to impose sharia law once President Assad […]

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Rocket Science: Egypt sees drop in tourism thanks to Sharia

Duh. If only Islamists understood economics… In the world of Sharia law, economic activity is determined by how many infidels and Jews are made to cough up their wealth and possessions. This mentality is doomed to failure. All one has to do is follow its logical conclusion. If those responsible for overseeing the economy seek […]

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Egypt votes for Sharia Constitution; Retrograde push continues

Just like in the 1800’s, the left – an entity that claims to champion civil rights – is on the side of slavery. Remember, the left-wing mainstream media cheered the ‘Arab Spring’. Now, Egypt has just voted in favor of a constitution based on sharia law. It’s not like this wasn’t predictable. Egypt’s draft charter […]

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