Archive | December 6, 2012

Huma Abedin defender psychoanalyzes Islamophobes

Alex Seitz-Wald is a writer for Salon who has long made it clear where he stands with regard to Rep. Michele Bachmann’s concerns about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government in general and about Huma Abedin in particular. He’s a Huma defender who has stood with and espoused the views of other Huma defenders […]

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Paging Bob Costas… Is the Quran, the Stick, or the Culture responsible for the murder of 7 Year-old boy?

This past weekend, NBC sportscaster Bob Costas blamed the presence of a gun for the murder / suicide committed by NFL player Jovan Belcher. The implication is clear. People who kill other people are not responsible; something else is. Based on the standard set by Mr. Costas, we would like some clarity relative to a […]

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Civil War in Egypt

Isaiah 19:2 “And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbor, city against city and kingdom against kingdom.” Twenty five million people took to the streets of Egypt over the last twenty-four hours and violence erupted with unconfirmed reports of […]

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War on Women being waged by Sexual Piranhas in Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square in Cairo has become a hotbed for organized sexual assaults on Egyptian women. The violent, sustained sexual assault on CBS reporter Lara Logan was not an anomaly. In fact, since then, the attackers appear much more coordinated and many Egyptians believe it’s coming directly from Mohamed Morsi’s regime. At the very least, the […]

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