Archive | December 18, 2012

Video: John Bolton says Hillary’s concussion the result of a ‘Diplomatic Illness’

Last month, Bolton actually sided with Clinton when the Secretary of State traveled to Australia while others alleged that she did so in order to avoid testifying about Benghazi but he doesn’t seem to be buying the concussion was caused by passing out, which was caused by dehydration, which was caused by a stomach virus […]

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Fort Hood Jihad: The Beard stays but the Mask is off the Military’s highest court

The new judge in the trial of Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan has taken only two weeks since replacing the previous judge – who was thrown off the case by the military’s highest court after ruling Hasan would have to be shaved – to rule that Hasan will be allowed to keep his beard […]

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Uncontrollable Gun Controllers

Keith Davies The famous Albert Einstein was also somewhat of a philosopher as well as a physicist of great stature. He stated that cold was an absence of heat, darkness was an absence of light and evil was an absence of good. As our nation becomes more liberal in its culture, our values lose definition. […]

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