Censored by Conservative Media for accusing Al Gore of Treason?

Cliff Kincaid, of America’s Survival, recently did an interview with Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center (MRC) about the sale of Al Gore’s CURRENT TV to Al Jazeera. Toward the end of the interview, Kincaid accused Al Gore of treason (rightfully so). However, after talking to the folks at MRC, Kincaid was basically informed that his interview was too controversial.

Here is an excerpt from an email blast sent out by Kincaid:

The countdown is on to our February 5 “Investigate Al Jazeera Now” conference.

I recorded an interview with MRC TV on Wednesday about this, and they posted it. But they subsequently erased (“censored”) the interview because they thought it was too controversial. I charged Al Gore with treason for selling out to Al Jazeera.

“The greatest study on the source of all evil. How to identify evil even when it is cloaked in “righteousness” click her for more information.”

A big part of the February 5th conference will be the letter – which Walid signed – that was sent by Kincaid to the new House Homeland Security chairman, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) and calls for an investigation into the sale to Al Jazeera.

Bozell is another one who signed that letter, though it’s quite possible he is unaware that the interview below has been pulled from his site.

Via USA Survival:

The only way to currently watch the video is by CLICKING HERE as MRC has pulled it.


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