Archive | February 16, 2013

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman comes up short in letter about Fort Hood attack

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) is the new House Homeland Security Committee chairman. As such, he rightfully took the lead in writing a letter demanding that the Fort Hood attack be identified for what it was. While we appreciate McCaul’s efforts, we take issue with identifying what happened at Fort Hood solely as an ‘act of […]

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News to Huma Abedin? Chuck Hagel allegedly said State Department an adjunct of Israeli Government

Former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel – Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense – appears to have another battle to fight relative to past comments that increasingly make the case that he is anti-Israel at best and anti-Semitic at worst (note that it is Republicans who are opposing their own; Democrats rarely do that). Hagel […]

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Video: Pat Robertson says Islam is ‘Demonic’, has a ‘religious veneer’

On a recent broadcast, Pat Robertson minced no words when it came to his thoughts about Islam. Check out this :35 clip during which the 700 Club leader sums up his thoughts quite succinctly. After the video, we’ve posted some of the comments that appeared on the YouTube channel of Right Wing Watch, where the […]

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