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Walid Shoebat’s new book: The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA

It’s been some time since Walid has published a book but his latest – which is being released on March 15th – will not disappoint. The Muslim Brotherhood groups in America have been here long enough to learn how to play the victim card. Muslim groups scream ‘Islamophobia’ as often as Jesse Jackson and Al […]

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Saudi Judge: Few months in jail ‘suffices’ for man who murdered his five year-old daughter after raping, torturing her

If you’d like a case study in where ‘tolerance’ leads, this is it. A Saudi preacher repeatedly raped and tortured his five year-old daughter before finally murdering her. The judge in the case said that blood money and time served (a few months) was sufficient punishment. The ensuing backlash has sucked the Saudi Royal family […]

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Hating Valentine’s

By Jamie Glazov Today, Thursday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day, the sacred day that intimate companions mark to celebrate their love and affection for one another. If you’re thinking about making a study of how couples celebrate this day, the Muslim world and the milieus of the radical Left are not the places you should […]

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Time to take another look at the Q&A AFTER John Brennan’s 2010 speech at NYU?

“I’d like to think that everybody is born into this world with a certain amount of innocence to them and unfortunately, sometimes as they go through life, forces of evil will bring them down a certain path.” – John Brennan, February 13, 2010. In light of John Brennan’s nomination to be Barack Obama’s CIA Director, […]

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