Archive | February 18, 2013

Leonard Pitts the latest Huma Abedin defender?

In a column by far left-wing writer Leonard Pitts, he bemoaned the conservative wing of the Republican Party in general and had the following to say about Rep. Michele Bachmann in particular: Via the Miami Herald: Then there is Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana governor, widely considered a rising star of the GOP has, since the […]

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While in U.S., Iraqi Cleric to Jews: ‘Allah chose Hitler to kill you… apes and pigs’

So much for the left fighting racism. An Iraqi cleric named Qays Bin Khalil Al-Kalbi, while in America, said something far more racist than anything anyone normally the targets of race-baiters in the liberal mainstream media. Check out what Al-Kalbi said on Al-Aqsa TV (Video below): They try to give the impression that the Israelis […]

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