Video: Pat Robertson says Islam is ‘Demonic’, has a ‘religious veneer’

On a recent broadcast, Pat Robertson minced no words when it came to his thoughts about Islam. Check out this :35 clip during which the 700 Club leader sums up his thoughts quite succinctly. After the video, we’ve posted some of the comments that appeared on the YouTube channel of Right Wing Watch, where the video appeared.

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Check out a few of the comments:


Don’t you just love that one? Islam being compared to the Catholic church. Shall we compare death counts? Taken further, what would the reaction of Islamic leaders be if Barack Obama mandated that Islam had to go against the fundamental tenets of it’s beliefs (yes, Sandra Fluke reference)?


Atheists may not ‘hate’ God but Satan loves atheists; they’re the low hanging fruit. Just look across the Middle East. How often do the secular, left-wing revolutions work out? Saul Alinsky was an atheist and flippantly dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Ain’t it funny how that book’s implementation seems to further the same agenda as Lucifer?


How nice. Inherent in this judgment of all humanity that puts everyone in the same pot is that human beings by their very nature are evil. While an argument can be made for such a thing (such an argument also makes the case for the need for God’s grace), this commenter doesn’t seem to understand contrition. It’s what separates Germans who righted wrongs with its past in WWII and Turks who continue to avoid doing the same relative to the Armenian genocide. Germany is in a much better place and Turkey is headed headlong into the abyss.

h/t Daily Caller


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