Jon Stewart RIPs Mohammed Morsi for jailing Egypt’s ‘Jon Stewart’

File this story in the ‘people wake up when tragedy hits a little too close to home’ department.

Bassem Youssef is regarded as the ‘Jon Stewart of Egypt’. He’s also appeared on Jon Stewart’s program.

When Bassam was arrested last week for insulting Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi, it made news. It apparently also struck a nerve with Stewart himself, who spent a good deal of time ripping Egypt’s president Morsi in response to the news.

Watch Jon Stewart do what men of power in politics, the media, and yes, the church refuse to do.

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Click here to see Youssef’s previous appearance on The Daily Show as well as his interview on CNN about his arrest.

Perhaps Morsi will issue an arrest warrant for the REAL Jon Stewart after watching this:

Via MediaIte:


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