Mursi and Bashir Meet Again

By Theodore Shoebat

According to Mursi, road links will be built to link both Egypt and North Sudan. I believe this is a foreshadower of the coming Sunni confederacy that we will be seeing in the future, with North Sudan and Egypt building a unity based on their religious agreements.

As I have said before, if we want to know Egypt’s future, we must look to North Sudan:

One can look to North Sudan to see how a fully Islamic country, under the Muslim Brotherhood, will become. Omar al-Bashir’s party, the National Congress, has been responsible for much blood shed, such as the burning of churches, and also for the deaths of more than three-million people. …The recent cases of crucifixion in Egypt is a foreshadowing that such wanton cruelty will be implemented as an official punishment in Egypt. How am I so sure of this? Its already being done by the government of Sudan, ran by Muslim Brotherhood member Omar al-Bashir, as an official punishment. Both nations are governed by Muslim Brotherhood members, and because of this, what we see in Sudan will soon be happening in Egypt.