Video: Keith Ellison calls Huma Abedin an ‘Awesome person’

Yesterday, we wrote about Rep. Keith Ellison’s endorsement of Anthony Weiner for mayor of New York City during an appearance on Current TV Al Jazeera Muslim Brotherhood network with Bill Press. Below is the video of Ellison’s exchange with Press about Weiner.

Ellison, who has confirmed ties to Muslim Brotherhood front groups also glowingly referenced Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, who has confirmed familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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With the Muslim Brotherhood as a common denominator, is it all that surprising that Ellison would call Abedin an ‘awesome person’ (the 1:40 mark).

It’s worth noting that the one thing Ellison faults Weiner for was not ‘coming clean’ about his role in the ‘sexting’ scandal. Shouldn’t he be faulting Huma for not ‘coming clean’ about her familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?

It’s only fair.

Via Current TV Al Jazeera Muslim Brotherhood Network:


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