America — A Nations Where Heretics Abound

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

The rise and power of Leftism and Islam today are threats, but they are merely symptoms to the ultimate problem: a decaying church plunged into heresy. In America today we rarely even hear the term “heretic” anymore because we have ourselves become a nation of heretics. And when one warns of heresy, many will laugh at him; we are so lost that we actually think of heresy as harmless and meaningless.

Right before the Muslim Seljuk Turks took over Christian Asia Minor, the church of that region was vastly engrossed in a heretical theology, which we today would call pacifism or anti-militarism. This fomented corruption within the government, leaving Byzantium weak and open to being conquered. The result of this was seen in 1071 when the Muslims overran Asia Minor invading much of the land. (1)

A similar situation took place in the seventh century. Arab Muslim conquerors marched to Egypt to establish Islamic power. The Egyptian Christians accepted the Arabs with open arms, because they heretically believed that Muslims were righteous since they were monotheists like them. In December of 641, the Egyptians realized their mistake, but it was too late to protest when they were yoked and subjugated. (2)

“Heretic” in today’s evangelical circles has become an old cliché swapped with “legalism”. You will likely get anathematized and labeled as “legalist”, “judgmental” or “works based” for discussing “laws of absolutes” or “the necessity of doing good works” or even “exposing evil”. You are labeled even if you define good works as a Christian virtue, which emanates as a natural flow for true faith so as “a good tree” produces “good fruit.”

If Solomon said “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecc 1:9) today most Americans ignore what manure is baking under it, nothing is knew and all heresy is a recreation of old heresies.

Our investigation about evangelical heretics was sparked while dealing with, for the last three years, with one pastor named Jeremy White of Valley Church in Vacaville California, a pastor to whose church we once were invited. On and off, for three years we tried to reason with the pastor about the necessity of doing good works, but it was futile and only rendered us titles of “jackass” in one email exchange for posting a clip on how to witness to Mormons on his facebook page, to finally even cut off all ties once we asked for help to promote the case of Ryan Stanton, a persecuted Christian Catholic we recently rescued out of Pakistan. We guess that, to White, offending a Mormon is more urgent a situation than saving a Catholic to live.

Scripture tells us “fools hate knowledge” (Proverbs 1:22), and we find White telling us that “intelligence, by the way, is not a fruit of the Spirit”, to which we responded, “and stupidity is?”

To rebuke and correct us, pastor White nagged us to study the “works” of Andrew Farley as the answer to our lack of understanding.

We did, and what we found was quite alarming. Farley is only one case-in-point out of thousands from the heretical popular teachers who become the idols for many evangelical pastors. Pastor White’s book “The Gospel Uncut” in fact was littered with Farley’s views. So important are the works of Farley to pastor White that he denies the necessity of good works, being a callous refusenik who wanted nothing to do with our plea to help Christians taken to the slaughter house, since “works” according to White and Farley is such an anathema, forgetting that Jesus in Matthew 25 sends to hell professing Christians (who were never saved in the first place) for doing nothing to alleviate the plea of suffering Jews and Christians during the Tribulation.

Evangelicals by large, are a majority of unaware heretics and this group has become now the greater number in the American church.

Evangelicals by and large, are a majority of unaware heretics and this group has become now the majority in the American church. The saddest part is that when you look at their doctrinal statements, it all seems sound. But here are the facts:

Fact #1: Most evangelicals belabor a mantra “its not about works”. Fact is, no one is void of works: both believers and heretics produce works. Just as a good tree produces good fruit, a bad tree produces “thorns and thistles”.

As Farley and Hayhoe strive to make the church useless and impotent, they have infiltrated the church with the antihuman ideology of environmentalism–of course under the broken radars of pastors like Jeremy White.

So extreme are their views on environmentalism that Newt Gingrich, not that he is sound doctrinally himself, was actually going to include a chapter written by Hayhoe in a book on the climate, until Rush Limbaugh rightfully exposed her extremely antihuman agenda and Gingrich booted (3) the Jezebel out the window of major politics.

Fact #2: Heretics isolate verses, complicate them, or even reverse the meaning altogether.

How else can Andrew Farley reverse Isaiah “none are righteous”, to conclude: “We are righteous. We are holy. God sees us this way because we are this way!” (4)

Heretics love to exalt their pupils, tickling their ears and swaying them to worship the god of their bellies, in order to gain their allegiance. Many today are so obsessed with the self that they will turn to anyone who will exalt them, and will shun anyone who will rebuke them.

The theology of Andrew Farley is geared toward making us callous to our own wickedness and callous toward rebuke. It is no wonder why Farley says “you don’t have a sin problem”, as he says in this video:

Andrew Farley, alongside his follower Jeremy White, wants us to think that we are righteous, neglecting the words of St. John:

“If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” (I John 1:8)

Fact #3: Heretics love death and hate life. Farley condemns ‘population increase’ while he advocates ‘works’ for ‘population control’, so if God said “be fruitful and multiply”, the verse is completely ignored by a slick method of a process of elimination to teach “be not fruitful or even multiply” lamenting that human population is continuing to grow at a fast rate, Farley and his wife Hayhoe wrote:

At the time of Christ, it is estimated that the population of the world was somewhere around 170 million people. By the beginning of the of the Industrial Revolution in 1750, that number had only grown to 800 million. After that, it took just 250 years for the world’s population to soar past 6 billion. With so many people living in the world, it isn’t that hard to imagine how our actions today are affecting the planet as a whole. (5)

Farley and his wife don’t want us to do works for God, but they want us to do works for the planet, which has become their god.

Hayhoe made a presentation before Republicans for Environmental Protection on March 9, 2010, in which she stated emphatically that

Humans are the only explanation [for climate problems], and we have known that for over a hundred years … and on every continent in the world we cannot explain the warming if we leave humans out of the equation.

Fact #4: Heretics espouse universalism in place of nationalism

But just to make our case ironclad, Hayhoe is not solely complaining about ‘population behavior’, she champions the population control fanatic John Holdren, the science advisor to Obama.

Holdren affirms that we need to institute the whole shebang of the leftist mantra:

population control, limitation of material consumption, redistribution of wealth, transitions to technologies that are environmentally and socially less disruptive than today’s, and movement toward some kind of world government, among others.

He also adds:

“The growth of population … will continue to compound the predicament by increasing pressure on resources, on the environment, and on human institutions.”

And Hayhoe concurs:

If we had another planet that looked exactly the same as our planet … and that planet had no people on it, but our planet had people; that planet was not warming, and our planet was warming, then we’d know it was us, right? Unfortunately it would be a little too late to ask God for that planet.

Hayhoe’s ideas are akin to Holdren’s “world government”, since she advocates that “Our God has made us into people who are designed to look outside of ourselves and love our global neighbor — and today, that means caring about what climate change is doing to our world.” (6)

Fact #5: Heretics espouse pagan ideologies over Christian

Holdren believes that we should leave our Christian ways and go back to the pagan practice of infanticide (which we are already doing with abortion):

Infanticide may also have been practiced widely among hunter-gatherers, when children were born too soon and in times of scarcity. Anthropological research on various contemporary and recent hunter-gatherer groups (such as the Kung bushmen) and on migratory agriculturalists such as the Polynesians indicates that those people have been quite conscious of population pressures and aware of the reasons behind many of their customs relating to marriage and child-bearing. The Polynesians are renowned for their long-distance migrations, an obvious response to population pressure. But they also practiced infanticide, polyandry, nonmarriage of landless younger sons, abstention from sexual activity for a period of time after birth of a child, coitus interruptus, and abortion. (7)

We will expound more on the nature of heresy on part 2 of this series.

Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat are the authors of the book, For God or For Tyranny

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