Gaubatz: Stop putting the word ‘Radical’ in front of Islam

Conservatives Must Stop Using the Terms ‘Radical Islam and Radical Muslims’
Dave Gaubatz

During my counter-terrorism work I have the great opportunity to speak with Americans who understand Islam and are trying to educate others about the dangers Islam and Sharia create for our beautiful country. There are organizations such as ACT For America and FrontPage Magazine that are doing outstanding work. There are Americans who belong to no organization and they are doing outstanding work. I respect all who are educating Americans.

There is one major error many organizations and well intended people make when discussing Islamic issues. There is hardly a day goes by that I don’t speak with someone who uses the terms ‘Radical Islam and Radical Muslims’. Using these terms causes great harm to our country and the movement by conservatives to show the dangers of Islam. I ask many of the people who use these terms if they believe the Islamic ideology itself is dangerous. Most agree that Islam and Sharia are very dangerous and America’s number one security threat. At the same time some of these people commonly use ‘Radical Islam and Radical Muslims’ in their writings and lectures to the American public. If you truly believe the Islamic ideology is dangerous and harmful to our country and children, you must at once cease from using these terms.

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Let me explain why. If you say ‘Radical Islam and Radical Muslims’ then you are saying that in reality Islam is peaceful, a good religion, and has its place in American society. You are saying that Islam has been ‘hijacked’ by a few ‘Radical Muslims’ and the Radical Muslims’ are misinterpreting the Islamic ideology that was founded by Prophet Mohammed. Most of us know that the pure and simple Islam is dangerous and we want no part of it to be in America, and we don’t want our children to be led by liberal politicians, journalists, and naive Americans to believe Islam is a good thing for our country. Islam is not good for our country. Islam has been violent and dangerous for over 1400 years and it will always be dangerous. The people you refer to as ‘Radical Muslims’ are not radical. They are simply carrying out the ‘true Islamic ideology as Prophet Mohammed wanted it to be carried out. These people are ‘Pure Muslims’. They are Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbolla, and the numerous other Islamic acronyms. The leaders of such organizations as MSA, ISNA, MANA, and CAIR are Muslim Brotherhood organizations who are practicing the true form of Islam. They are not ‘Radical’, they are ‘Pure Muslims’. These organizations want all Muslims to think and behave as they do. They want all Muslims to practice ‘Pure Islam’.

Many well intended Americans also use the term ‘Moderate Muslims’. In reality a ‘Moderate Muslim’ does not uphold the violent aspects of Sharia law. In accordance to the Islamic ideology these people are Apostates of Islam. You can’t separate one aspect of Sharia from another and be a ‘Pure Muslim’. Even Islamic leaders say exactly what I described above. If you were to attend lectures at Dar Al Hijra Mosque in Fairfax, Va., you would be informed by the Islamic leaders that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. One is actually adhering to all aspects of Sharia law and therefor a ‘Pure Muslim’ or they aren’t and are Apostates of Islam. In accordance with Sharia law the penalty for Apostasy is death.

To sum it up: Immediately stop using the terms ‘Radical Islam and Radical Muslims’. Stop legitimizing the Islamic ideology. ‘Radical Muslims and Radical Islam’ are terms brought into America by terrorist loving countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE to name a few.