Massachusetts Governor appears to have some explaining to do

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick – a Democrat – appears to have himself a bit of an Imam problem dating back to 2010. On May 22nd of that year, Patrick embraced an Imam named Abdullah Faarooq and the Muslim American Society (MAS), a group whose secretary-general said was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just a couple months earlier, Faarooq spoke at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center & Mosque and said this:

“Grab onto the shovel, grab onto the gun, and the sword, don’t be afraid to step out into this world.”

Here is a must-see video about Patrick’s embrace and a disturbing reality about this cultural center. Take note that the Center’s founder is none other than Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is serving a multiple year prison sentence for charges related to terrorism. He also worked in the Clinton State Department as a goodwill ambassador (h/t BNI and Andrew Bostom):

Is it a good thing to be afflicted with Islamophobia? Get the new book from Walid Shoebat, The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA: Jihad by the Word; America’s Final Warning.

According to Breitbart, one of the Chechen marathon bombers attended the Islamic Society of Boston mosque. That mosque works in conjunction with the Cultural Center that Patrick was so comfortable supporting.

Incidentally, in light of CNN’s expert on the attacks – Juliette Kayyem – tripping all over herself to avoid calling the bombings what they are – Jihadist attacks – it is interesting that Kayyem once served as Deval Patrick’s homeland security advisor.


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