Rep. Louie Gohmert calls out head of Muslim Brotherhood group in America

When the ‘Bachmann 4 1/2’ (used to be 5 until Rep. Tom Rooney began to walk back his support) sent five letters to five separate Inspectors General last year that asked tough questions about Muslim Brotherhood influence in the Obama administration, one of the things that caused the most controversy was the naming of names. In particular, the mention of Huma Abedin specifically drew the most fire – it’s the one thing Rooney backed away from.

Now, nearly a year later, in an interview with the Daily Caller, Gohmert is calling someone else out by name relative to Muslim Brotherhood influence in the Obama administration; it happens to be the head of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), who was also specifically named in one of those five letters last year:

DC: Now when you say “support the Muslim Brotherhood” do you mean they have the same goals of the Muslim Brotherhood or that they think the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate force?

Gohmert: No, I will say based on the findings of the Dallas Federal Court and the Fifth Circuit of Appeals, the two largest front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood are ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America, and CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations. And people from ISNA, like the President Imam [Mohamed] Magid, has access to him. He had access in the State Department and Justice Department. And it appears that he is pretty much welcome most places. Helped the FBI supposedly with their redirection. So you have people like that who are actual members of organizations that federal courts have said are the largest Muslim Brotherhood front organizations in America. So it’s not me saying it, it’s the federal courts.

The concerns of Gohmert in this area are more than warranted. Yet, the overwhelming majority of Congressmen and Senators either ignore these concerns publicly or publicly denounce them (McCain, Boehner, Rubio, etc.), which is disturbingly amazing in itself.

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Gohmert said something quite salient in his interview with the DC that more politicians should live by:

“As I hear from my chief of staff and other staff members, you don’t take flak until you’re over the target, so I must be over the target.”

The reason the Bachmann 4 1/2 took so much flak last year was because they were RIGHT ON target. In fact, they were on target with both Magid and Abedin, seen seated together at a White House Iftar dinner last year, at which Obama defended Abedin:



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