Video: House Homeland Security Chairman says ‘it’s very clear’ a Third Party ‘trained’ Tsarnaev brothers

ouse Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss, among other things, the Boston marathon bombings. To his credit, McCaul seems to be engaged on the issue and said ‘it’s very clear’ that someone ‘trained’ the Tsarnaev brothers.

This necessarily means at least one thing. Whomever trained them is still loose.

At about the 2:00 mark, McCaul says that based on the sophistication of the bombs and how they resemble bombs in Pakistan and Afghanistan, he is very confident that the Tsarnaevs had a trainer.

He also says he believes the mother played a role in her elder son’s radicalization (translation: Muslim fundamentalist). McCaul’s claims back up those of Catherine Herridge, who reported two days earlier that a third party was likely involved in the bombings.

Via Fox News:

Wasn’t there a Saudi national named Alharbi who was given a 212 3B designation shortly after the bombing and had his apartment searched for several hours?

When one considers the seriousness with which McCaul appears to be tackling this matter, it’s confusing that the Chairman didn’t appear the least bit interested in investigating the sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera earlier this year.

Ironically, if McCaul believes that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s mother played a role in his ‘radicalization’, it would seem that he should understand how Al Jazeera can serve a similar role.


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