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ISIS Declares War on Putin

ISIS has a new enemy – Russia. Based on that country’s alliance with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, ISIS is threatening to ‘liberate Chechnya’ from Vladimir Putin’s Russia. One of the consequences of this is that Russia and the U.S. now have common cause in defeating a common enemy. One year ago, the Obama administration and the […]

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Muslims Take Man For Not Observing Ramadan, And Crucify Him For Three Days

By Theodore Shoebat A young boy named Muhammad in Iraq was forcefully seized from his parents to join their child army. ISIS also forced him and other young men to watch crucifixions, beheadings, stonings, and other executions. In one horrific setting, a young man was taken for not observing Ramadan, and they crucified him for […]

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The Taliban Pledges Allegiance To ISIS, And Has Sent Recruits To Join Them

By Theodore Shoebat The Taliban has pledged allegiance to ISIS, according to the Indian government. Several terrorists have affirmed that they have pledged allegiance to ISIS, including Pakistani Taliban (Tehreek-e-Kalifefat), which is the same as the mainstream Taliban. According to the National Investigation Agency, a federal institution of the Indian government, both ISIS and the […]

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Muslim Man Massacres 186 Christian Children, And Then Says, “I Don’t Feel Guilty”

By Theodore Shoebat Nurpashi Kulaev, the only surviving Muslim jihadist who took part in the Beslan Massacre, in which 186 Christian children were killed, has affirmed that he feels no guilt for his crime, saying: I don’t feel guilty that women and children died… But I can say neither I nor anyone else could have […]

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Muslim Terrorist from Uzbekistan arrested in Idaho (Yawn)

Well, another Muslim terrorist has been arrested. Apparently, however, because there hasn’t been a successful explosion resulting from his actions, Americans are not likely to care very much. Via Reuters (h/t GWP): U.S. officials charged an Uzbek citizen in Idaho with providing bomb-making knowledge and other support to an Islamist militant group, knowing that it […]

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Is the Pack of Lone Wolves behind Boston Bombings getting bigger?

After the Boston marathon bombings, when Walid pointed out that the last names of Saudi clans say a lot about those who carry those names, he was charged by the apologists with guilt by association. He even had a man claiming to be a ‘Sheikh’ with the last name of Al-Harbi write to him and […]

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Report: Man who Radicalized Tamerlan is a Muslim convert from Christianity

So, the man being identified by the Tsarnaev family as having been responsible for making Tamerlan more fundamentalist is allegedly an Armenian named ‘Misha’, who converted from Christianity to Islam. One can logically conclude that ‘Misha’ was not in a position to convert Tamerlan until ‘Misha’ converted to Islam, which begs another question: Who converted […]

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Video: Keith Ellison vs. Peter King debate targeting Muslim communities

Rep. Keith Ellison is connected to Hamas and by extension – the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Muslim Brotherhood groups in America don’t want to achieve their objectives through terrorism. They want to do so through politics. The schism that exists between Al-Qaeda and CAIR for example, is not all that dissimilar from the […]

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Muslim Uyghurs involved in ‘Terrorist attack’ in Xingjiang, China; 21 dead

As Americans are asking questions about the Tsarnaev brothers in particular and Chechen terrorism in particular, there’s another strain of Islamic terrorism that China is as familiar with as Russia is with Chechen terrorists. The Uyghurs can be found in the northwestern region of China knowns as the Xinjiang province. Via NBC News (h/t BNI): […]

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Audio: Rep. Louie Gohmert interviewed about Boston bombings, Muslim Brotherhood influence

In an interview with WND, Rep. Louie Gohmert was clearly not happy with the decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to mirandize the younger Tsarnaev after his capture. He also again alludes to his belief that the Muslim Brotherhood is influencing the Barack Obama administration. “This administration has so many Muslim Brotherhood members that have […]

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Video: House Homeland Security Chairman says ‘it’s very clear’ a Third Party ‘trained’ Tsarnaev brothers

ouse Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss, among other things, the Boston marathon bombings. To his credit, McCaul seems to be engaged on the issue and said ‘it’s very clear’ that someone ‘trained’ the Tsarnaev brothers. This necessarily means at least one thing. Whomever trained them […]

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Russians recorded ‘Jihad’ phone conversation between Tamerlan and his insane mother

It’s not clear to what extent the Russians should have been open with the U.S. but weren’t, when it comes to the Tsarnaev clam but it appears that the Russians had more information than what they shared. Apparently, the nutcase mother of the Tsarnaev terrorists isn’t as insanely innocent as she’d like you to believe. […]

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Video: Russia’s Putin rips U.S. for weak stance on… Muslims

It’s not often that patriotic Americans can find common ground with Russia’s Vladimir Putin but in the case of the Boston bombings, we seem to have an exception. During an appearance on Russia Today, Putin blasted western media outlets that referred to terrorists who attacked his country’s civilians as ‘insurgents’. No one understands Chechen terrorists […]

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Tsarnaev Trutherism: A Family Affair?

9/11 Truthers – to include Muslim Brotherhood members – believe that Jihadists were not responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Tsarnaev Truthers – to include several members of the Tsarnaev clan – believe that the Boston marathon jihadists are not only innocent but in the case of Mama Zubeidat, that America failed to keep her children […]

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Mother of Boston Bombers: ‘I don’t care if my youngest son is going to be killed’

Last week, Walid wrote about the ‘clan’ mentality that exists in the Middle East and that it is completely different from familial connections in the west. In the U.S., for example, when a serial killer is apprehended, it’s quite common for every member of the family to disown the criminal. The Middle East is a […]

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