Obama makes Nixon look like Mother Teresa

By Keith Davies

Is the dam on President Obama’s “most transparent administration in history” beginning to break? Now the brain-dead, low-information voters – to include Gregory Hicks, the Benghazi whistle-blower, who was also the #2 diplomat in Libya – are regretting their vote. Hicks himself voted for Clinton in the 2008 primary and twice for his highness the messiah Obama in the 2008 and 2012 general elections.

The low-information voters who have no job and appreciate the freebies that Obama provides them in return for their votes, are still fine and happy with the current trends in the good ole’ USA.

In 2010, we spoke and Democrats were voted out in big numbers but in 2012 we stupidly stayed at home and allowed this embarrassment of a president to be re-elected and insult the intelligence of Americans who actually care about our freedom. The country, which was once a proud nation and an arsenal of democracy today is embarrassed by an administration who is so corrupt it makes Cuba’s Castro regime look more accountable to its people.

The list of scandals already incredibly long but ignored by the media so far; the Acorn money laundering scandal from the Democratic Party operated by Obama and his community organizers, his numerous czars, his non-recess, recess appointments already outlawed by the courts and ignored by the Obama regime as well as the corrupt media.

Let’s not forget the food stamp scandal through which the government openly recruits illegal aliens (“undocumented immigrants” so as not to offend the PC police). Let us not forget the corrupt way that the “unaffordable” healthcare act, which was rammed through by the bribing of Democratic Senator Nelson of Nebraska and Democratic Senator Landrieu of Louisiana, along with an abuse of the budget reconciliation process to get it passed. Never mind that there was no time to read the bill but we had to pass it so we could find out what was in it.

We The People are being played for fools.

We must not leave out the green energy ponzi schemes in which Obama was able give his election money bundlers millions of dollars for their personal accounts in a payback for getting him elected. What did the media care about that whopper?
We still haven’t gotten to the bottom of “Fast and Furious” when his highness invoked “Executive Privilege” to prevent the release of congressionally subpoenaed documents. Ah, the “most transparent administration in history” indeed. We The People and the family of the border agent are denied the information to determine how he died. It is obvious that illegal guns were placed into the hands of Mexican cartels and gangs but we are denied the documentation.

Again, the media shows little to no interest in asking the right questions.

Back in September 12, 2012 – the day after the Benghazi terror attack on the USA consulate – anyone who had common sense and half a brain could see that Obama and his minions including the “take a phone call at 3 am” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were lying through their teeth but our media and the feckless Republican leadership were afraid of their own shadows and would not stand in loyal opposition.

It took seven months, a disgruntled demoted State Department diplomat and a few hard working Congressmen to finally get the documented truth to the American people. When your president has a compliant, cover-up media with no credible political opposition, we have reaped as a people what we have sown.

Yesterday, after a two-year wait, the IRS was exposed for illegally targeting conservatives and Jewish organizations. Again, let us look at the common sense issue here: this had to come from the top; no low-level employee would dare do such a thing. We have yet to see the full details but this went to the top and must have been at least at the top level at Treasury and may have even come from his highness himself.

I am sure Obama will find some deniability but he is ultimately responsible for the behavior and culture of his administration. We are still not finished. There is even more and that is the shaking down of health care insurance companies by Secretary for Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius. The Insurance companies were threatened if they did not cough up money, so the administration can implement Obamacare. Obamacare will destroy the health insurance industry. This is like asking someone to dig the grave they will be buried in once they are murdered.

On top of that, what Secretary Sebelious did was illegal and totally corrupt, which is par for the course in the current administration.

After a long list of scandals – of which only probably half of what we know of at this time – we come to one that may finally bring Obama down. This week, low and behold, yet another scandal as big or bigger than all of the ones before it, and that is the wire tapping of the Associated Press by the Obama Justice Department.

Now that the media is finally feeling the weight of the tyrant in the White House, will they finally report the news that is fit to print?

His Highness’s own Justice department is implicated and the anointed one is “outraged.” It is your Justice Department, Mr. President so if you are outraged do us all a favor and resign. Sadly, Vice President Joe Biden would replace him but he too is implicated in the Benghazi scandal.

Even if those two are thrown out, and they should be, what joy, we will have the spineless John Boehner as our president.

God help us all!


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