We Shouldn’t Let these Crises go to Waste

By Keith Davies

The devil has hopefully had his day and We the People have suffered all the crises that the ultra liberal Democrats have used to implement their agendas, from the financial reforms of Sarbanes Oxley, Obamacare, attempted gun control, the ultra political correctness of shielding Islam from their terror agenda, the phony war on women, along with the homosexual marriage agenda as well as the indoctrination of our schools to name but just some of the socialists agenda led by our dear leader.

It appears the President whose narcissism and over self-confidence, partially aided by a compliant media who worshiped him instead of doing their jobs as the fourth estate of government, has brought the eventual downfall if not outright crash and burn of this presidential administration. The destruction of this administration is both self-imposed by the arrogance and corruption of the regime; it should be fiercely disposed of by the American people. Obviously, if all the combined scandals were exposed prior to the election last year the president would never have been re-elected.

Democrats will cry “political witch hunt” and that is exactly what it is, but it is quite a justified witch hunt and people who believe in freedom and the great republic should be proud to pursue this witch hunt with full gusto.

When a president and his administration lies so egregiously to the people who granted them power, he and his executive branch have lost the right to govern us. The proof of the lies are beyond reproach. This does not even take into account the dereliction of duty as Commander of Chief, which has yet to be proven but there is a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence that the order to stand down from providing aid to the victims of the Benghazi attack came from the President himself. The firing of several Generals immediately after the attack, along with the lack of engagement of the president during the crises, his traditional disdain for the military as well as the gravity of the situation would require the President and only the President to make such a decision. The President was the first to take credit for the killing of Osama Bin laden mentioning the personal pronoun “I” eighteen times when announcing the success of the mission, but now when a military situation is a failure and caused the death of four Americans, he is not to blame and then lies to us. Fellow Americans who believe in a free Republic, let not this crisis go to waste!

Now for the IRS crisis in which we are about to see the usual attempt to delay and obfuscate to buy time so the President can butter up some of his media friends to regain a favorable media but we must pursue this crisis as it is most obvious that the most likely explanation for the targeting of several hundred Tea party, Jewish and Conservative Christian organizations likely lies in the Oval office. This happened in 2010 and 2011, about one year into the presidency. While we have no concrete proof yet, neither Congress nor a special prosecutor has been able to do its job but it defies common sense that this targeting came only from a few people in the IRS.

This crisis must not go waste!

Kathleen Sebelius shaking down the health insurance companies because the Congress did not appropriate the funds her department needed so she committed extortion and corrupt acts by threatening insurance companies. Easily provable and this should at least have her removed from office as well as cause further embarrassment for the most open and transparent administration in history. Yet, another crisis that should not go to waste.

Eric Holder went to testify to Congress about the Associated Press scandal on May 15th. Amazing to watch this performance, this is the first time I have seen a person plead the fifth without using the words “I am pleading the fifth.” If the Attorney General did not have the information and he wanted to provide the Congress with the correct information, then why did he not bring his deputy who supposedly was the responsible party? Answer – delay and obfuscation.

So come on Congress, subpoena the right people as fast as possible and make sure this crisis does not go to waste either.

Since we are speaking about Eric Holder, Congress, please do not give up on getting hold of the documents that refer to the “Fast and Furious” scandal that might prove high crimes and misdemeanors by Eric Holder and maybe even his highness, the messiah.

This president has committed more illegal acts which are all impeachable offences but neither our media nor Congress will hold him to account. Now that the media is at least asking some hard questions, let not these crises go to waste.

Your freedom and the life of the republic depends on it!