Obama and the Democrats are Coming!

By Keith Davies

Two hundred and twenty seven years after the declaration of independence and the famous Paul Revere warning, “The British are coming,” it’s time to let the American people know today that “Obama and the Democrats are coming.”

It is ironic that the modern Tea Party movement – named after the Boston patriots who dumped the Tea into Boston Harbor prior to the American Revolution – is now the victim of a tyrannical government headed by our dear leader Barack Hussein Obama and his Democratic party. The absolute intimidation by the IRS of the American people by targeting them to impugn their first amendment rights is the same type of attack the British tried to use with their redcoats to impose their financial tyranny on the colonists.

This deliberate self-exposed IRS scandal, which involved the confession by the IRS at the direction of the administration (which again indicates knowledge of foresight) of targeting thousands of conservative, Christian and Jewish groups to cause a minor short-term scandal to distract us from Benghazi. This IRS scandal actually brings to attention the stench of corruption of the President’s administration, the whole of the Democrat party and its establishment. It now seems that the political maneuvering to protect the President from the Benghazi scandal has backfired and in fact has made things much worse for his administration. The IRS is already the most feared government institution and the fact it is involved in political motivations – no matter who is pulling the strings – will cause much consternation amongst the public and rightly so.

I believe the IRS was used as a weapon with the direction of the White House to attack its most vociferous political opponents. At the May 16th press conference with the Turkish Prime Minister, president Obama singularly and carefully denied the knowledge of the Inspector General report but he deliberately did not deny that he might have been aware of the policy of the IRS itself, it was a classic political word game.

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” – Samuel Adams.

As the scandal develops over the next several months, this will become apparent. There just is no way that the IRS would independently target organizations based wholly on the names with a conservative connection – especially those organizations that would obviously be politically the most obstructive to the re-election of the President – without the direction and conspiracy from leaders in the Obama administration. We also now know that sensitive and private tax information about conservative donors and politicians was released to Democrat and liberal organizations and the information was used to attack the Republican candidates in election campaigns. Pro Publica, a liberal organization, has already admitted this; it used this illegally gained information, which it got directly from the IRS. As this scandal drags on over the next few weeks and months because the administration has no choice but to delay and obfuscate, as the truth will be so damaging and could end the presidency of President Obama. It will be apparent to all the American people – both Democrat (moderate ones) and Republicans – that our federal government has been abandoned to tyranny led by President Obama and many Democratic members of the House and Senate.

“The Time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.” – George Washington

If the American people value their constitution, their freedom, and a limited government they will not only punish the president with strong political backlash but they should force the President and his Vice President to resign from office. If the Democrats in Congress do not turn on their leaders and impeach or force their resignations their party may suffer the most crushing defeat in the 2014 mid-terms; such a defeat will make the 2010 mid-terms look like a slight embarrassment. If the Democrats fail to remove the left wing communists from their midst, the party will disintegrate. The sad fact is the Republican opposition is not much better, but hopefully finally one of their leaders will get their act together and return our country to something like our founders wished for it – “Liberty and Justice for All”


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