Muslims Say “Jesus is a dog” And Throw Bags Of Urine At Christians

By Theodore Shoebat

Last year a mob of Muslims surrounded a church in Indonesia, throwing rocks and frothing from their poisonous lips were their declarations of blasphemy. They hung up signs with demonic statements such as, “Jesus is a dog” and “Kill the Christians.” They threw rocks, dirt, and even bags of urine at the church and the Christians.

This is just scratching the service as to the depth of depravity and vileness in which the heresy of Islam plunges a man’s soul. And all of this deplorable violence took place as the police stood by and watched.

The liberty to have actually just having a church in Indonesia is grueling and unendurable to say the least. One church had to pay more than a million U.S. dollars to acquire a permit, and the permit is suppose to be free.

In the year 2012, International Christian Concern found that at least 50 churches were forced to close down in Indonesia.

And churches continue to close down in Indonesia, this is why we must help our brethren. Donate now to save Christian lives.

And the demons who fell from Heaven are ever so more taking the souls of the Muslims. Just look at this photo from a recent Islamic rally in Egypt — you can just see the demonic possession in this man’s eyes:


Also, with all of the dangerous forces surrounding Christendom, it is time that we become militant. Get the new 2 disk DVD set, that contains almost 5 hours of footage on Christian militancy.



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