Obama: ‘If Distracted by problem, we’re not solving it’

Sometimes, a few short words say a lot. In 2007, during a presidential debate, during a discussion about drivers licenses for illegal aliens, Barack Obama piped up and said, “If we keep on getting distracted by this problem, then we are not solving it.” Nearly seven years later, that statement – perhaps more than any other he’s made – best sums up his style of governing. Only in the world of Barack Obama, can a problem be solved by ignoring it.

Obama: Problems best solved if we're not distracted by them.

Obama: Problems best solved if we’re not distracted by them.

Here is a transcript excerpt from the relevant exchange, via the New York Times:

MR. BLITZER: Well, let’s go through everybody because I want to be precise. I want to make sure the viewers and those of us who are here fully understand all of your positions on this.

Barring, avoiding, assuming there isn’t going to be comprehensive immigration reform, do you support or oppose drivers licenses for illegal immigrants?

SEN. OBAMA: I am not proposing that that’s what we do. What I’m saying is that we can’t — (interrupted by laughter). No, no, no, no, look, I have already said I support the notion that we have to deal with public safety and that drivers licenses at the state level can make that happen. But what I also —

MR. BLITZER: All right.

SEN. OBAMA: But what I also know, Wolf, is that if we keep on getting distracted by this problem, then we are not solving it.

On today’s show, Ben Barrack examined this phenomenon. At the time, the comment was overlooked. With the gift of hindsight, it provided the perfect window into how the Obama administration operates.

In addition, the Washington Free Beacon’s Bill Gertz has produced some sources that are finally talking about an Egyptian connection to the Benghazi attack. In particular, these sources seem to be drawing attention to the Jamal Network, a group we have been following for some time. What does this mean for the New York Times Cairo Bureau Chief David Kirkpatrick, who on December 28th, penned an incredibly irresponsible piece on Benghazi; it smacked of propaganda.

Speaking of propaganda, HBO is airing some of its own on January 6th. It involves the input of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) office in Michigan, which is headed by controversial figure Dawud Walid. The propaganda – masquerading as a documentary – zeroes in on the pseudo-issue of Islamophobia and the pseudo-repercussions of it.

Meanwhile, the left is doubling down on its outrage at A&E for daring to bring Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson back and the backlash against A&E that conservatives successfully waged, is absent with HBO.


Barrack takes a guess at answering / analyzing those issues.