Christie getting Creamed and Benghazi not going away

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  • CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield was nearly beside herself with exuberance over the possibility that someone might have the goods on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and that said goods might be given up if murder charges were dangled in front of them. While the details of ‘Bridgegate’ should most assuredly be uncovered and the whole truth should come out, Banfield and her liberal media colleagues fail to suggest that a similar dangling take place with Lois Lerner, who used to be the Director of Exempt Organizations for the IRS. In that capacity, Lerner granted illegal tax-exempt status to Malik Obama, half-brother of Barack Obama. Strong evidence suggests that in so doing, Lerner may be an accessory to terror funding. She has already invoked her Fifth Amendment right and her lawyers have asked for immunity in exchange for her testimony. The mainstream media is not about to broach this subject, which leaves Republican lawmakers in Congress
  • What has Tharwat El-Kherbawy, a former Muslim Brotherhood insider, revealed about his former organization?
  • On January 10th, the State Department formally designated Ahmed Abu Khattala and the Benghazi branch of Ansar Al-Sharia as terrorist organizations. Ditto for Sufian bin Qumu and his Darnah branch. What facts about Khattala and bin Qumu might help to explain why State has taken so long to identify them as terrorists who are tied to the Benghazi attack? Also, why didn’t the State Department include the Jamal Network in its release? Khattala and bin Qumu present very uncomfortable truths for the Obama administration. Khattala was once the leader of a group that spawned the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, which provided security at the Benghazi compound that was attacked. Bin Qumu was a driver for bin Laden and was released from Gitmo several years before the Benghazi attack. What uncomfortable truths about the Jamal Network might explain the administration’s reluctance to name him publicly?
Christie gets Creamed while Obama keeps getting a pass.

Christie gets Creamed while Obama keeps getting a pass.