IDO of Obama’s Brother raises “Billions For Jihad”

By Walid Shoebat

President Obama’s brother, Malik Obama is Executive Director of The Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO). It raised in one incident, $1000,000,000 For Jihad. This is only from one incident. And just to show, the type of money the IDO raises for the Islamization of Africa, below is one eye opening video from the funeral of Ahmad Hael, a representative of the same IDO that Malik Obama helps to lead. The speaker boast of raising funds and gives one example of when Hael raised $100 Million (4:30 mark):

If in doubt, have any expert in the Arabic translate it; it will be found accurate. This does not even include funds from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

Sources in Sudan recognize the significance of this organization in the moving and shaking operations for the Muslim Brotherhood. The IDO is significant since:

“The true Egyptian actors attempt to link through the Islamic Dawa Organization, managed by Field Marshal Abdul Rahman Mohammed Hassan Suar al-Dahab and leaders of the Freedom and Justice Party, which the Egyptian authorities are chasing and will have a negative impact on Sudan. This will inevitably become a reality.

On the one hand, we find that the organization [IDO], which is supported by major Gulf states, and Saudi Arabia at the forefront of supporters, has been one of the arms of Sudanese Islamists through which through it [IDO] employs their members, and benefit from this support in favor of their party. The organization has historically been the canopy through which the Sudanese Islamic movement seeks to achieve its goals, internally and externally. The organization is also one of the most regional institutions that took advantage of Sudanese Islamists to connect with their colleagues in Africa and the Arab world, as well as internationally.”

Sources within the so-called “National Alliance to support the legitimacy of deposed President Mohamed Morsi” were organized by IDO’s Suar al-Dahab, Malik Obama’s boss. The report stated that…

“…the escape of Dr Muhammad Ali Bashar, and Minister of Local Development and Amr Darraj, acting head of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Justice and previous Minister of International Cooperation, Salah Abdel-Maksoud, the previous Minister of Information, Gamal Heshmat, a member of the dissolved parliament, from Egypt to Sudan. Sources revealed, that (Darraj) arrived in Sudan a week ago and then moved to Turkey, while (Bashar and Heshmat and Abdel-Maksoud) remain in Sudan until they make the unexpected journey to Turkey within days. Before the period of Egyptian views changed it was revealed that the seizure of weapons smuggler was coming from Sudan…”

…and later contributed to the breakthrough in the protection of al-Bashir after the International Criminal Court for crimes committed in Darfur.”

I rest my case.

Malik Obama with Suar Al Dahab at the 2010 IDO Conference

Malik Obama with Suar Al Dahab at the 2010 IDO Conference