Why I Am Not Credible

By Walid Shoebat

Dear [Insert name],

I don’t care what people think and say. Please relay to these folks that it is known that many Protestants have a disdain for Catholics and vice-versa. This is not a “credibility issue,” since no one has ever referred to any misquotes we made. They provide zero misquotes and references and they just say that we should not view Catholics with “rose-colored glasses”.

Actually we don’t. We have critiqued them too, several times over. In particular, I have written an expose entitled “Arab Prostitutes at the Vatican”.

In fact, you might want to post it on your blog, it’s well researched and referenced.

But as usual, when it comes to “Catholics”, many Protestants want only the acid and the bitter. I find this view to be discriminatory. To put in at a perspective you can relate to, the Hebron Massacre, while Muslims and Arabs killed Jews, there were a few Palestinians who helped hide some Jews. Do we ignore these heroes? Regardless of whether or not they are Muslim, we must acknowledge these brave men.

In Egypt, who has come to the aid of Egyptian Christian Copts who have faced persecution, the new government under Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sisi – who is Muslim – or the U.S., which is supposed to be a Christian nation? Ditto in Syria.

When we were discussing the “bottled blood” issue and you questioned credibility, remember, you had stated that the Vatican did issue such blood libel. When I asked for reference, it was difficult to provide. Now, having said that, it is true that some Catholic media did issue blood libel accusations against Jews, this we indeed fight and expose. But as far as the “bottled blood” issue, Theodore published an entire article in response.

So, it has been proven, it’s not unlikely that this could happen.

Believe me, the sources that question my reliability are the ones who are usually unreliable because I refuse to toot their horn. I always include sources and correctly translate the Arabic. No one has ever questioned my translation work. They tried once but failed when I exposed the Ground Zero Mosque Imam and the Arabic experts at the American University in Beirut simply resorted to condemning me for supporting the Zionists. Yet, the “Zionists” sold me out at the Jerusalem Post and the “friends” I had at the government including the man I met and hugged – Moshe Yaalon – refused to lift a finger, even though he knows that the Lt. Gen I had injured in Bethlehem was on his watch at the time. I can tell you stories galore like this.

In the end, I only have my family. These clamoring “supporters” come and go; they are like dust in the wind. The moment they are offended, they go, and the moment you tickle their ears, they come. They are easily swayed, easily won, and easily lost, but they are not in my shoes.

I have written a story on how Malik Obama is involved in an organization that financially supports Hamas. Go ahead, examine my sources and links; they are all correct. But people do not want to believe it.

When I exposed Malik donning a Hamas scarf, people said that “it must be photo-shopped”. Yet, the photo came directly from Malik Obama’s own website.

So if Malik so desperately photo-shopped this photo with a Hamas scarf, because he could not find a scarf, it is even more reason to believe that he loves Hamas.

Scarf translated: Jerusalem is ours - WE ARE COMING!

Scarf translated: Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!

Now I proved that he is in bed with an organization that funds Hamas. The evidence is there with links and all, yet the “credible” news media does not want to believe it. My answer to those is simple; I do not care what they think. I never cared what people think; I never cared what the media thinks. This “I do not care what people think” mindset offends people and I do not care one iota. I only care what God thinks.

I rest my case,

Walid Shoebat