The Academy for Arts and Motions Pictures for Aids Relief, Proving They Are Not racist, and for Perverts

By Keith Davies

My family wished to indulge in the Oscars last night. I survived the first 90 minutes of the festival of boredom and progressive trash before I forced it to be switched off. I used to love the Oscars. Although it was primarily left-wing, I could find stars that actually loved this country and its traditional values, but today this is not the agenda of Hollywood.


I guessed the winners of all but one of the golden statues, basing my predictions on the history of what type of films usually win, and the academy’s makeup of liberal whackos whose agenda is only gay rights, aids, racism and Holocaust memorial, usually in that order.

The film “Gravity” won 7 Oscars all in the technical area but the three other films that captured the major Oscars were all agenda-driven films along with a producer who is a pervert. The film “The Dallas Buyer Club” which I did not see or know about until I was introduced to it by watching the Oscars last night, may have been a “work of art,” but is a subject that I would not pay a dime to see either at the theater or pay for view. While Aids is a terrible disease it primarily occurs in the homosexual community. The disease is caused as a result of a behavior that the Bible finds abominable, so a film sympathizing with people who behave in a way we are commanded not to behave like, is not worth seeing or encouraging its exposition. Where I would have sympathy are people who contracted the AIDS disease through infected blood transfusions or born due to the mother having aids and if the film were interesting and well made would have no problem in attending.

Then we have the “Twelve Years a Slave” which I also did not see and no doubt is a subject worth making a film about but why does the Academy always nominate films like this and win. The Academy seem to wish to promote these films as a form of affirmative action and belittles the quality of the film or winner if it is deserved, by always nominating films that adhere to their agenda. Ellen DeGeneres, in her opening monologue – even in jest – made a joke that if the “Twelve Years a Slave” did not win then ‘you are racist.’ Comedy always has an element of truth and how true this was on last night’s Oscars.

Cate Blanchett was awarded best actress. Maybe she deserved it but who cares? The guy who made the film “Blue Jasmine” is Woody Allen, who is just a plain pervert. Let him make films, it is a free country, but at least can we ignore him and the people who associate their talents with such a low life.

Well, we conservatives can bellyache about Hollywood and the Academy of Motion Pictures all we like but we have only ourselves to blame. Wealthy conservatives who work in the media need to make more movies that represent good entertainment and the traditional values of America.

Conservatives also need to take the political correctness out of their psyche because PC is very much there even amongst conservatives. Conservatives need to make films, and lots of them, that speak the truth about agenda items that need an airing in the public. If they are controversial so be it, as this will also help promote the film and the controversy can be more of your friend than your enemy.

If they’re conservatives out there in the film making business who wish to make movies and you need some ideas just contact us, we have got lots of them, including scripts.