Shame on Sean Hannity

Don’t look now but the Democrats are having their way again and people like Sean Hannity are enabling them. Most conservatives who watched his heated exchange with Rep. Steve Horsford (D-NV) over Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s supposed ‘treatement’ of ranking member Elijah Cummings (D-MD), likely cheered but Hannity and others are feeding right into the Democratic agenda.

Hannity: Another blown opportunity.

Hannity: Another blown opportunity.

As challenging as Hannity may have been toward Horsford, it was a defensive position. Conservatives are far too often on defense. They’re always defending themselves against tactics from the left-wing agenda instead of going on offense and dictating the terms. The reason for Cummings’ outburst was to take the spotlight off of Lois Lerner and put it on himself.

When Hannity has Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) member Horsford on to debate the issue… mission accomplished.

Jesse Jackson piled on to the racist narrative by calling Issa himself a racist. Horsford really isn’t germane to any of this but as he sucks the time from Hannity’s show, real racists like Cummings and Jackson revel in their accomplishments.

We have firsthand knowledge that Hannity’s radio producers have received, are aware of, and have acknowledged the IRS scandal involving Lerner and Malik Obama. Ditto Darrell Issa’s office. Yet, neither of them has introduced it to the public via radio, television, or through a hearing. Doing so would immediately put both men on the offense and people like Cummings, Jackson, and Horsford on defense.

In fact, had Hannity taken the eight minutes he used to joust with Horsford and spent those minutes exposing the Malik Obama scandal, Democrats would would be put on defense. The cries of racism would stop and they would have to defend Malik Obama’s ties to terrorism. Again, ditto Issa.

Unfortunately, this exchange told the left one thing; cries of racism work:

The scandal both Hannity and Issa have ignored to this point:


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