Anti-Israel blogger calls Pro-Israel Black woman a ‘Negro’ who would make ‘Uncle Tom’ Proud

Many on the left love to portray themselves as the righteous protector of all victims of racism. As we know, evidence shows the exact opposite. In fact, they always seem to reserve their most vilest attacks for blacks who don’t see the world as they do. A case in point is the treatment of a pro-Zionist black woman named Chloe Valdary by a left-wing blogger, who referred to her as a ‘Negro Zionist’ and that ‘Uncle Tom’ would be pleased. When called on it, blogger Richard Silverstein actually doubled down.

Chloe Valdary: Attacked for being black and supporting Israel.

Chloe Valdary: Attacked for being black and supporting Israel.

Via Dumisani Washington at the Daily Caller:

My parents were born and raised in the segregated South. Not only did they experience some of the ugliest race hatred and bigotry in America, they were at the epicenter of some of the most important moments in the black struggle for justice, including the Little Rock Nine.

By the time I was in the third grade, my parents had taught me a great deal about the civil rights movement. And one lesson permeated every element of my education: never hate any people – white or otherwise. Contempt for people simply because of their skin color was not allowed in my house. People were people – good or bad. However, if the bad person was white, extra precautions were to be taken in dealing with him or her, because my parents knew firsthand the privileges afforded to white people. Thus I learned the meaning of dominant society, before I ever knew the term.

Recently, Richard Silverstein, an anti-Zionist who writes the blog Tikun olam (a Hebrew term which roughly, ironically, means “fixing the world”) attacked a colleague of mine, Chloé Valdary for her support of Israel.

Silverstein took issue with an article Valdary wrote in which she protested the choice of an anti-Zionist guest speaker at the Jewish Museum of New York. Whether one agreed with Valdary’s argument or not (I do) she offered a thoughtful articulate presentation of her position.

That didn’t really matter to Silverstein, who didn’t like what Valdary had to say so he responded on Twitter declaring: “They finally did it: found a Negro Zionist: Uncle Tom is dancing’ for joy!

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Valdary also responded to Silverstein. Here is a video of Valdary from last year: