The Cure for ‘Lois Lerner Syndrome’

By Sadek Raouf Ebeid, MD
Egyptian Air Force Officer / U.S. Physician

Any observer to the recent theatrical events in the US congress can only lament the state of this nation and the U.S. Congress has so far failed to reveal the truth to itself or the American people.



The facts remain that Lois Lerner has selectively denied legitimate conservative groups their legal right to be granted tax exempt status. Yet, she selectively granted it to others.

In a prior hearing she invoked her Fifth Amendment right once. This week, Lerner did so six additional times. Thus, she qualifies as a habitual user who has become addicted to the Fifth amendment while also maintaining her innocence.

Never before has any single individual used the Fifth Amendment so frequently. Lois Lerner’s addiction to the Fifth Amendment is somewhat understandable. She knows very well what she has done & the full spectrum of her potential crimes.

As a lawyer in the political arena, she knows that the American public will demand to know more once the genie gets out of the bottle.

If the truth is known, the fury of the American people will match and far exceed that of Rep. Elijah Cummings in the last congressional hearing.



Personally, I am a fan of Mr. Cummings who cannot wait to see what he will say about the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) once he gets all the information.

In this case, the “genie” is the non-citizen and elder brother of Barack Obama.

Ms. Lerner has granted him the very same privileges that she selectively denied others who opposed the White House policies.

The scandal of Lois Lerner granting Malik Obama – who publicly works for General Omar al-Bashir – this status, is now out in the open.

A licensed private investigator, Camilia Eldidi, has already published findings that could get the White House crumbling if the public only knew about it.

Some of Eldidi’s main findings were:

  1. The recipient of the tax privileges Mr. Malik Obama was working & remains to be working for a US listed enemy combatant, General Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. Malik Obama boasts about this on his own web page.
  2. Lois Lerner signed the tax exemption status on June 26, 2011 which was a SUNDAY!
  3. She granted it to him in exactly ten working days from the date of receipt of the application.
  4. She made the benefits retroactive 38 months, unprecedented, in breach of the regulations & without a cause.
  5. No proper physical address was given by the applicant, Mr. Malik Obama. He used a UPS post box as a physical address.
  6. The very name Malik Obama used, for collecting money from unwitting Americans & funneling it overseas, was misleading  (it may have conned Ms Lois Lerner herself but that fifth amendment dependency prevents us from knowing for sure). Initially, Malik Obama chose the name the Barrack H. Obama Foundation to collect money from American citizens. Later, he stated, on his own website, that the name has nothing to do with the president of the United States! Malik stated that his organization is named after his own father, the late Barack Hussein Obama.
  7. Even though the BHOF continues to collect money from American taxpayers, some of its documents had already been unlawfully hidden from the public records.

The American people need to know that it takes only one of the seven allegations listed above for any organization to be fraudulent.

Upon reviewing the case, any Federal judge should order the BHOF shut down immediately, not for any one charge but on all seven.

Finally, the tea party will have a “party” for real.

It gets better…

The federal judge should inevitably order Lois Lerner, who signed Malik Obama’s tax-exempt status, to testify.

By then she will not be able to use the Fifth Amendment anymore (Lois Lerner’s lawyer, Mr. William Taylor had already promised Darrel Issa that she would testify if ordered to do so by a Federal judge).



Thus, Lois Lerner will finally testify and can be cured of her “Fifth Amendment Dependency,” aka the “Lois Lerner Syndrome”.

Dr. Sadek Raouf Ebeid filed Complaint No. 1761 with the office of Egypt’s Attorney General in which Malik Obama is accused of supporting terrorism in Egypt.


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