Christians Are Being Murdered, But We Are All Going To Rescue Them

By The Persecuted Christian And Theodore Shoebat

The Holy Cross lies upon the highest summit, and from under the earth springs up the thorny vines whose roots are settled into the parched sands of the forests of the abyss.

They seek to kill the sheep who, hurdled together and plunged into the deepest fear, have no one to help them. This is the situation of the Christians in Syria.

In the region of Homs, where a great amount of Islamic oppression is being done upon the Christians, there is the Arman District in which a heavy torrent of violence has commenced.

Countless Christians have been slaughtered in this district; our Syrian contact has informed us that the bloodshed has become so severe that severed heads have been found, carnage and gore lie on the street, in the midst of a destruction whose origin can only be that of Muhammad’s heresy.

One Christian man in the Arman District, fired by the flames of justice and zeal, declared:

I would like to tell all of those rebels and terrorists: if the rebels would cut our throats from vein to vein, we would still keep our principles and existence. Here in Syria he will fight till the end and the last martyr.

Our Syrian contact has given us a video which he translated into English, showing the inexplicable pains of these downtrodden Christians:

Our Syrian contact has also provided us with actual photos revealing what destruction the Muslims have caused in the Arman District:




As the anguish and the agonies pour forth like a deluge, we, Rescue Christian, are planning on rescuing Christian families from the hellish place of the Arman District, by escorting them into an apartment complex in the Tartus region of Syria, where life will be much more safe for them.

This is a rescue mission, called Operation Tartus. Tt is an operation to move all christians in danger in Arman and other dangerous areas to a safe haven in Tartus, a coastal city in Syria

It is a most dire situation, and it is one that we cannot do without you. Many Christians ask us, “what can we do?” Well now you can do something, and you can now be the driving force of this urgent rescue mission, by donating to this laborious but life saving objective. Please be a part of this mission, and donate today.

As every second passes, the sharp vines of the abyss grow higher, striving to pull in the Holy Cross into the entanglement of the storming tyrannies of Antichrist, in which life’s worth is determined by the movement of lethargic eyes, and the tears of the enslaved run down parched faces before the hollow bodies of the apathetic.

Every minute that passes by is as a river that never ends, and as it ebbs and turns, it breaks one bastion of hope, only to resume its parlous movement, to flood through every fortress that lies in the land of those over whom the angels of Heaven watch and cry for justice to the Eternal Judge.

As each hour dissipates into the unreachable voids of oblivion, a million lamentations come forth from the living and from underneath the earth where the blood of holy warriors cry out with an endless multitude of tongues to their God, while combating the demons whose thorny vines ceaselessly attempt to seize the Holy Cross, our hope.

And where is hope to be found, in such a convolution of darkness as black as the pitch under the deserts of Babel? It is to be found in the Cross. When humanity made sight on this mystery of the Eternal Son of God, it lied terrified and puzzled. God, in Whom and for Whom all the universe was created, died on plain wood. What mind can comprehend such a sublime event, in which an oppressed and lowly Man dispelled the darkness of our night?

A Man so whipped and scourged, so mocked and scoffed, under the hands of high principalities, was yet so holy and pure. He was hunted by the devil, but by perishing on the Cross, He destroyed the works of the devil, leaving us the illustrated order that it is we, the followers of the Cross, that must follow His example and, in fighting the devil, sacrifice something of ourselves to tend to the suffering Church, with whom Christ identifies Himself.

Therefore, when we rescue a Christian from persecution and death, we are not just tending to a human being, but to Christ; when we defend a Christian in prison, we are not visiting only a mortal, but Christ; when we bring an injured Christian to the hospital, we are not just medicating a person, but tending to the wounds of Christ.

The callous servant cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who strive for God’s flock can be called the children of the Father. We must be zealous in the cause of God, and help deliver His persecuted Church. In Syria, the Christians are being slaughtered like lambs, and it is you, the reader, who can save them. Please donate to help us rescue these Christians in the Arman District and bring them to safety in Tartus.



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