Angry, Brainwashed Irishman cusses out Israeli Speaker; Displays no Tolerance

The scene is the National University of Ireland (NUI). The angry, irrational, and brainwashed man in the audience – who may have a case of Tourette’s Syndrome as well – is cussing at an Israeli speaker to get off the campus.

Keep in mind that the angry Irishman represents a contingent of Palestinian supporters who claim to support tolerance and diversity. However, the source of his anger is the desire for his University to boycott Israel. The cognitive dissonance that comes from espousing tolerance while displaying intolerance can lead to certain strains of schizophrenia.

According to Israely Cool, the angry student is Joseph Loughnane.

Via The Blaze:

Last month, Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro showed up at his alma mater UCLA to speak against a similar boycott.


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