If you do NOT criticize President Obama you are a Racist

By Keith Davies

Now that president Obama is as popular as Pinocchio with a very extended nose, most of the media still will not take out hammer when it comes to its criticizing the policies, deceit and weakness of this pathetic excuse for a leader. A leader that was elected twice based on lies and deceit that can only be compared on a monetary scale to Bernie Madoff.

You are a Racist if you DON'T criticize this man.

You are a Racist if you DON’T criticize this man.

In fact I believe the deceit, theft and corrupt use of our treasury and taxpayers money is in the trillions of dollars versus the approximately $65 billion ponzi schemes by Mr. Madoff. In many ways, the government is worse. The reason Madoff pays a price and the government does not was summed up quite nicely by Al Gore, who when caught red-handed breaking the law in 1997, justified his lawlessness by saying there “is no controlling legal authority” he broke any laws. Now that Obama was made president, when he leaves office, he will make millions in speaking fees and books from his lies and scamming of the American people. In many ways, we as a nation, have only ourselves to blame as we get the leaders we deserve. When will we as a nation awaken from this stupor and nightmare?

Our media was in on this scam all along or were deceived by this Messianic BS artist with a D after his name. Obama is nothing more than a con man that suckered the American people with promises that could never be kept (that’s if your head was filled with just some basic common sense). Our education system is so great we cannot even find more than 50% of the people with enough common sense to nominate and elect a solid leader.

My above commentary makes me a racist, right? Wrong! It makes me a patriotic American who is using my first amendment rights; just ask Hillary Clinton:

The shameless left undermined the real issue of racism by calling anyone who disagreed or criticized the president, so they could silence legitimate dissent.

Every president in US history, every senator, congressman or public representative is entitled to be criticized if one should disagree with him or her. If you are an African American, you should welcome detractors and critics in political discourse, which then makes you an equal with non-black politicians.

Black people fought for equality, did they not? So, they should have to play on the same playing field as everyone else. Affirmative action is by definition racist. It may have worked for University education although I would not agree with such a policy; it should certainly not be applied in politics. The left would have us think that because the president is a black man, he should be held to a different standard of achievement or account. Now I would call that a racist view, wouldn’t you?

The biggest criminal and racist enterprise today is the federal government. It has been used by the Obama administration to steal as much wealth as it can from the American people and redistribute to a select few, i.e. large swaths of wealth in the hands of Unions, special interests and lobby groups who then kick back money to get their crony politicians so they can get re-elected to continue the process.

It has also been used as a tool of intimidation with the NSA and IRS scandals as just a tip of the iceberg.

The cure is that the states – especially the 29 states under Republican leadership – should be pulling back the reigns of power from Washington DC, before the debt burden gets to a level that will destroy the nation.

So let me be also provide advice to our political leaders and not just be the purveyor of negativity. To start to get a handle on our debt and improve efficiency of government, social security, health care laws, education, energy and the EPA – just as a start – should be transferred to the jurisdiction of the states. This would save about $500 billion a year to start in the Federal budget. This year our deficit is about $600 billion so I only need to find another $100 billion. That would be easy to do if we cut taxes and get ten million more people back to work who would pay way more in taxes than we spend in unemployment benefits and food stamps.

So in summation, if you do not criticize this president in the form of legitimate disagreement, then you are the racist!