Syrian Christians who escape Jihadists still have to deal with the Horrors of Displacement

With the help of countries like Saudi Arabia, savage Jihadists have been descending on the nation of Syria for three years. The very real and inhumane consequences of this aren’t limited to the savage slaughter of innocent Christians. Human displacement is so astronomical that Syria is finding itself at the top of a very undesirable list.



Three years after the onset of the conflict there, Syria has become the world’s leading country of forced displacement, with more than 9 million of its people uprooted from their homes.

As of today, 2,563,434 Syrians have registered as refugees in neighbouring countries or are awaiting registration. With displacement inside Syria having reached more than 6.5 million, the number of people in flight internally and externally exceeds 40 per cent of Syria’s pre-conflict population. At least half of the displaced are children.

“It is unconscionable that a humanitarian catastrophe of this scale is unfolding before our eyes with no meaningful progress to stop the bloodshed,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres. “No effort should be spared to forge peace. And no effort spared to ease the suffering of the innocent people caught up in the conflict and forced from their homes, communities, jobs and schools.”

In the absence of visible progress towards a political solution, UNHCR predicts the refugee population in the surrounding region will grow to become the largest refugee population in the world.

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Not only does this trend mean the destruction of the lives of innocent families but it has the effect of placing a burden on outside countries whose economies are not equipped to handle such massive influxes.

While we are in no way capable of helping every displaced and terrorized Christian from Syria, we have made some real, tangible progress when it comes to helping a precious few. We want to do more; please help us.


Below is a short CBS News report from about one year ago. Take note of what one of the priests who was interviewed had to say about the jihadists:

“They refuse to have any Christians in Syria.”

According to this report, 200,000 Christians were estimated to have fled Syria. That number has only risen since then: