State of Virginia Honors Mosque led by Anwar al-Awlaki, attended by Nidal Malik Hasan and 9/11 Hijackers

As the Fort Hood shooting victims remain without Purple Hearts and other benefits afforded to soldiers who were killed or wounded in war, the mosque led by the man who inspired their murderer is being honored. A mere thirteen years after the worst attack on U.S. soil, a mosque attended by more than one of those attackers – as well as Fort Hood Jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan – is being praised by the legislature of the state in which it still, shockingly, even stands.

Mosque attended by Jihadist who murdered these Americans being honored by Virginia.

Mosque attended by Jihadist who murdered these Americans being honored by Virginia.

In Virginia, a State House resolution has been passed that commends the Dar al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, VA. If this mosque sounds familiar, it should. Anwar al-Awlaki was once an Imam there and it was attended by 9/11 hijackers.

Via Understanding the Threat (h/t CHHR):

On Wednesday, March 5th, Virginia House Joint Resolution 484 was passed which commends Hamas’ Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. Without becoming entirely sarcastic, the question has to be asked – is there a functioning brain cell at the State House in Richmond. Has the ability to reasonably process factual information completely evaporated from numerous elected officials in the state of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?

Before we even look at the factual evidence that Dar al Hijrah is a Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas entity, we need to look no farther than the resolution itself to see the gross negligence of Virginia’s elect – at least those who voted for this resolution. The sixth of the eight total lines in the resolution reads: “WHEREAS, the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center is affiliated with the Muslim American Society, a national religious, educational, cultural, and charitable organization…”

Actually, the Muslim American Society (MAS) is a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of government entities in the U.S. is very quickly reaching critical mass. This move by the Virginia State House is not subtle and it cannot be spun. It is a signal that the Muslim Brotherhood in America is no longer tip-toeing deceptively toward victory. It is clearly picking up the pace and Americans continue to remain largely quiet.

Mosque attended by those who did this honored by State of Virginia.

Mosque attended by those who did this honored by State of Virginia.

What the Virginia State House has done is blatant acquiescence to America’s sworn enemies. It is treasonous, it is traitorous, it is criminal, and any state legislator who voted for it has violated the most important oaths of office.

As we wrote earlier this week, in Illinois, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of government can be found at city, state, and national levels. Virginia is clearly suffering from the same affliction. Last week, we learned that Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-VA) is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser sponsored by the Brotherhood.

Just in case you need a reminder of what happened at Fort Hood and how Hasan’s victims have been treated since:


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