Israel’s Christians call out the European Union for not dealing with 21st Century Holocaust

To listen to western political leaders and mainstream media news outlets, one is left with the impression that Israel is an oppressive nation and a threat to Arab lands. This does not square with a very dire reality being experienced by Christians in those lands. That reality is that Israel has quickly become the only place in the Middle East where Christians are safe from persecution. The irony is so sick and thick that western leaders will soon be unable to deny it.

Father Gabriel Nadaf (r) in front of EU Embassy in Israel.

Father Gabriel Nadaf (r) in front of EU Embassy in Israel.

As Israel continues to be the target of the international community for its supposed mistreatment of Palestinians, it is rapidly becoming the only safe place for Christians in the Middle East. Yet, the driving forces behind that persecution in places like Iraq, Syria, Turkey and elsewhere aren’t just escaping western accountability. Increasingly, the west seems to be intentionally ignoring the grotesquely heinous persecution at best and aiding in it at worst.

The San Diego Jewish World’s Aryeh Savir reported that the Christian Lobby (CL) gathered outside the European Union’s embassy in Israel recently to protest the EU’s lack of action when it comes to the mounting Christian holocaust.

In a justifiably angry letter sent to the EU, the CL referred to “slaughter, persecution, discrimination, apartheid, the ethnic cleansing, and all the crimes committed against the Indigenous Aramaic & Christians of the Middle East…”

A courageous Greek Orthodox priest named Father Gabriel Nadaf, stands with the CL. Here is what his spokesman – Shadi Halul – had to say about a disturbing level of apathy coming from western leaders:

“We have witnessed in the past how the world was silent as six million Jews were slaughtered. Here in Israel, where we are enabled freedom of worship, protection and a normal life, we have decide to cry out and call on the European Union to safeguard human rights in Israel and throughout the world. Become active, do not repeat past mistakes. We constantly receive reports from our Christian brethren throughout the Middle East imploring that they be helped, envious of our status as Israeli citizens.”

In addition to the well-chronicled history of the likes of John McCain, whose affinity for Elizabeth O’Bagy of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) is borderline surreal, have a look at this video of an elderly man in Syria explains how the U.S. and Europe are arming murderous Jihadists in his country:

Hitler’s killing fields may not have returned to Germany, but the descendants of his World War II Muslim Brotherhood allies are engaging in similarly unspeakable atrocities in Middle Eastern countries, to include human slaughterhouses, mass beheadings, and rape in the name of religion.



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