Socialism takes a Beating in French Elections; Party of Geert Wilders Ally Wins Big

In French elections this weekend, the socialists took a beating. The party of Marine Le Pen, a strong ally of Geert Wilders, administered it. A major plank in the platform of what the Associated Press refers to as the ‘the anti-immigration far right’ was to prevent a Muslim takeover of their country. The election became a referendum on Socialist French President Francois Hollande, whose party got spanked.

Hollande got spanked.

Hollande got spanked.

We would be remiss if we did not condemn the anti-Semitic history of the National Front, which was at one time led by Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was a known Holocaust-denier. What is noteworthy, however, is that Marine appears to be completely different. Tablet Magazine, a Jewish publication touted Marine’s efforts to shed the party’s anti-Semitic history, saying that she was gaining popularity with Jewish voters. The Jewish Chronicle reported in 2012 that Le Pen has been successfully courting much of the Jewish vote.

We will continue to monitor the veracity of the claims that Le Pen is different.

As reported shortly after Hollande’s narrow victory over Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012, approximately 95% of the Muslim vote went to Hollande. Nearly two years later, Hollande’s Party has fallen victim to the National Front. As for anti-Semitism, it’s a trait that is very prevalent in the Muslim community which voted overwhelmingly for Hollande.

Marine Le Pen: Her Party will be quieting France's Socialists.

Marine Le Pen: Her Party will be quieting France’s Socialists.

Despite the National Front’s understanding of the Islamic threat to Europe, the left appears to have a strain of Stockholm Syndrome because in left-wing circles, those who want to identify and confront the real threat are actually seen as the threat. Earlier this month, an editorial in the Financial Times was titled, ‘The Dangerous rise of Marine Le Pen’. In it, the Editorial Board referred to Le Pen’s rise as “a profoundly worrying development for France and Europe” while asserting that her party is “strongly racist”.

This squares with the left’s reaction to the heinous terrorist attack in Toulouse, France by Jihadist Mohammad Merah, who specifically targeted Jews. As reported, it was the left-wing French politicians who blamed the rhetoric of the right for Merah’s actions. While Merah committed the most racist of acts, the left accuses those who wish to confront his ideology as the racists.

Victims of French Jihadist whose actions the left blame on right-wing rhetoric.

Victims of French Jihadist whose actions the left blame on right-wing rhetoric.

That’s not only slanderous; it’s also delusional.


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