Muslims Take Christians And Keep Them As Slaves For Twenty Five Years Straight

By Theodore Shoebat

A Christian family in Pakistan was kept as slaves for twenty five years straight in a brick kiln. They lived without any basic comforts, such as toilets. As one report states:

There were no reports of arrests, with police allegedly reluctant to further investigate the case.

In statements obtained by BosNewsLife, Christians said they had been “in bonded labour for more than 25 years”. One of the women, Safia Bibi, said she started working at the brick kiln along with her husband Anwar Masih, soon after her marriage.

She said their nine children were all born at the brick kiln where they grew up and soon started working at the brick kiln.

The Christians claimed they lived in a house at the brick kiln without basic facilities such as a bathroom or toilet.

Christians said they would “sometimes have to go for days without food” and when they demanded money, “were forced to work more”.

Though they were Christians, they were were not allowed to attend prayer meetings or celebrate Christmas and other religious festivals, according to investigators.

The rights noted that many workers “live in unhygienic mud houses without any modern facilities” and they are now allowed to observe Christian holidays.

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