The Islamic Caliphate in Iraq And The Consequences of The Screwed Up U.S. Policies In The Middle East

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
As far as the U.S., the successes of an Islamic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria creates major contradictions in terms of U.S. position on Iran and the America policy in the Arab world, especially in Syria. The clash between Sunni-Shia in Iraq and the conflict between ISIS and Iraq’s Maliki government will favor Iranian interests in support of the Shiites in Iraq.

This creates a major dilemma to U.S. interests aimed at the defense of the failed Iraqi state founded by the U.S. after the fall of Saddam and cause it to drop Syria since Syria’s interests now like the U.S., has a common interest in eliminating this emerging Islamic Caliphate.

Here will be the future of American attitudes regarding the Syrian and Iranian regimes, which have become ambiguous and contradictory as the two were, until recently, rivals of the United States. Therefore, the ISIS would be an anachronism as a point of convergence between the interests and agendas of both the Americans and the Iranians and the Baathists in Syria. Add to this, that the nature of the ideas of no border policy and utopian internationalism by the ISIS will open a wide array for violent disturbances that will hit Arab Spring countries, especially the countries that find the democratic transformation, such as Egypt and Libya.

The struggle of Al-Sisi of Egypt and Haftar of Libya will be with Islamists who will escalate and promote waves of unprecedented violence, because the ISIS will exhaust the military in Egypt and Libya and revert U.S. efforts to use more radical Islamists (as they did in Syria) to ignite a sectarian war in the region aimed at dividing countries and dismantle their national armies.

Such U.S. policy as we have always been stating, backfired and instead of weakening dictatorships, they ended up strengthening the Islamists, that including a merging between Islamist groups that are even considered to be less radical to join a more radical group like the Islamic Caliphate in Iraq.

The current situation in Iraq with the rise of the Caliphate, will force the U.S., to choose either join efforts with Iran and Syria to find common interests (which is unlikely) or rely on the top regional power in the region to moderate the situation; the Sufi nation of Turkey.

The second is what we expect. Our young nation stumbled and will stumble again because of its naiveté. Turkey has Sufi and Azeri common grounds with the Iranians, a common goal with the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood to establish the bruised Ottoman Caliphate and is a neutralizing factor to protect Saudi Arabia (for now) from the Iranian threat. Turkey is the perfect candidate in the eyes of both east and west.

As we projected years ago, that Islamism will temporarily prevail and that all the western plans will be shattered by such an emergence and is exactly the situation that we are in today with the rise of the ISIS which was a surprise and a blow to most political analysts who ended up drawing a wrong prognosis of the Middle East, especially terrorism ‘experts’ and political ‘analysts’ who projected that the Arab Spring and the use of Twitter and social media will end tyrannies.

The reverse was true. It is not positive thinking, modernization or even education that makes the difference in how society advances, but it is the religious and spiritual conditioning of the masses. The ISIS used such American made social media to expand its recruitment adding their propaganda in Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr and smart phones. The Twitter Revolution ended up as the Islamic Twitter revolution. People who underestimated our prognosis in the last few years erred. Now, such media is causing allegiances to the Islamic Caliphate in even Tripoli in Lebanon:

They chant “a revolution all the way to Saudi Arabia”.

They will soon gulp up Lebanon.

Today we have Fajr Al-Bashayir with a logo “The Logical Approach to Bringing You Closer to The Islamic State”. It is the signature of the ISIS and is accessed by smart phones carried by Google. The ISIS does not stand all by itself; it includes Ba’thists, Sufis, Al-Nusra factions, and even Arab tribes. Mosul, which was occupied, the people there are giving allegiance to the Caliphate:



It has become the most powerful terrorist organization and wealthiest in the world par excellence owning swaths of lands from the borders of Turkey to Iran.

The ISIS today does not plan to invade Baghdad. It learned many lessons from mistakes in the past. It is now focused on expanding to the weakest cities and provinces and by that creating a noose around Baghdad. Muslims, unlike westerners endure much patience.

While the West thinks that the killing fiascos by ISIS will definitely undermine its ability to win the masses, on the contrary, the Middle East heeds to the top dog, not the western thinking which concerns itself on the underdog. The ISIS is innovative in its social services, finding cheaper products and cutting prices and in time Muslim will forgive Muslim to focus on the Jew and the Christian.

They are 60 miles closer to the Jordanian borders and have support by Ma’an, Jordanian city. The Jordanian military now is forced to protect 110 miles long of its borders. They are also spreading their propaganda in Saudi Arabia and in Lebanon. In 2013 they launched 10,000 attacks in Iraq alone and many are joining from the West.

However the ball bounces in the Middle East, what we are certain of is that a regional superpower will take advantage of the masses deluding them regardless how the tables turn for or against the ISIS which will be either gulped up or destroyed, in which there will be an ultimate Mahdi claimer who appears modern enough to claim that if Rome has a Pope, the Muslim world must have a Caliph and by peace Islam will again deceive many and then enter Egypt, Libya and parts of Africa to create the more serious threat than the ISIS and the current mini-Caliphate in Iraq.

Such a nation will be Turkey which will enter weakened Egypt and Libya triumphantly. The modern stargazers were wrong. Today we do not see Europeans threatening Israel but we find Turkey parking it’s naval fleet on the Mediterranean threatening Israel and Greece oil exploration.

Erdogan was able to run again and again and gain victory to gain admiration of the Muslim world when he stood against the Jews. While the U.S., the E.U. and the U.N. begged Hamas to release Gilad Shalit, it was Erdogan of Turkey who finally brokered a deal ordering Hamas to release him showing himself as the perfect broker between Islamists and Israel.

In Libya, Tunisia and Turkey are arising Islamist regimes that speak about entering Jerusalem triumphant. Turkey and not the E.U., the U.S. or the United Nations that is the perfect government that will broker any facade of peace in the region.

While everyone focuses on the emerging Islamic Caliphate, they need to keep an eye on the suspect Gog of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s successes as we have been saying for years in establishing himself permanently by concocting the Ergenecon Conspiracy thwarting the Generals and the judges. Erdogan does not “honor the desire of women” (Daniel 11:37), succeeded in changing set times and laws, and prohibits women entry in the government, while he promoted the Hijabization of women.

It is not any European leader that is setting his eyes on Jerusalem, but Erdogan of Turkey who declared during his speech to the most important Islamist body in the Muslim world, the O.I.C Organization of Islamic Council, saying that “Jerusalem is the apple of the eye of every Muslim”.

No French, Italian Pope or politician, or a German European Union leader has ever made such proclamations. And as we predicted, Turkey failed entry to the European Union since the beast is the body of a Leopard (Revelation 13:2) (The Greco-Roman) and not primarily European, with it’s feet of the Bear (Iran) and it’s mouth of the Lion (Babylonia).

But on the positive side, the United States is against the Caliphate as we see it against the ISIS. We have stated that the United States will eventually fight against such utopian ideas in favor of its dominance. The good news and unlike the modern prophecy buffs have taught, The U.S. will realize when it was snookered enough and will continue to be the strongest military power that will stand against any Islamist alliances in the end.

The U.S. is “the strongest of fortresses” (Daniel 11:39) which will eventually destroy the Islamic alliance:

“Behold, therefore I will bring strangers upon thee, the terrible of the nations: and they shall draw their swords against the beauty of thy wisdom, and they shall defile thy brightness. They shall bring thee down to the pit, and thou shalt die the deaths of [them that are] slain in the midst of the seas”. (Ezekiel 28:7-8)

And if in doubt that such a battle is about the final defeat of the Caliphate, continue reading Ezekiel chapters 28-31 and tell us, who are these nations who are cast into the pit? One must never isolate passages, but look at the whole theme ordained by our Lord Almighty. In the end we will defeat this threat by the help of Christ our Lord and Savior. So listen up my brethren and keep watch day and night until He comes.

The naval armada of the U.S., Italy, Greece, Spain and others like Russia (which is not Gog), will crush the Islamic alliance in the air and sea.

The use “Terrible of the nations” does not mean awful or ugly, but “terrible in battle”, as “the most powerful nations on earth”.

This is the U.S. alongside other allies that will wake up in the end.

Christians need to stop heeding to fatalists who warn of the utter doom of America but must do their nationalist aspirations which stems from the Bible against the universalists of Satan.

This defeatist mentality is hardly Christian; God ordained nationalism and has set up America for His purpose, to destroy tyrannies as it has always done.

Therefore, we must continually love our nation, pray for her, stand by her and FIGHT, even now as she stumbles.

In the meanwhile, please consider to help rescue the Christians from the Muslim World. The time is now, so do not miss it.