Attention SHOEBAT Readers…

…When it comes to details about the Select Committee on Benghazi and the Innocence of Muslims video the Obama administration blamed for the Benghazi attacks, we’ve done an increasingly amount of work on both. As a result, we decided to create a centralized repository for all of our articles on each and we’d like to call your attention to them.

They will be updated with new articles and discoveries as we publish them.

In the meantime, to get caught up on all of our work to date, we’ve added two repository photos in the lower right-hand column on our homepage. They look like smaller renderings of the photos below.

Regular readers know that our concerns about the Select Committee involve the appointment of Philip Kiko as the group’s Executive Director. He helped to craft the disastrous Patriot Act and has been a lobbyist for a firm that counts far left-wing groups and one Muslim Brotherhood front group among its clients; Kiko even represented the ACLU.

Another development involves one of the recipients of the ‘Smoking Gun’ email produced by Judicial Watch that served as the supposed last straw for Speaker Boehner when deciding to pull the trigger on naming the Committee.

If you ever want to be brought up to speed on developments you won’t find anywhere else, just continue to check back by clicking on the image below, which will be found in the lower right-hand column of our home page.

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When it comes to Innocence of Muslims, the anti-Muhammad video blamed by Obama for the Benghazi attacks, our discoveries are more prolific. They are also quite explosive. Again, click on the enlarged image below for the latest developments and click on the reduced image in the right-hand column at any time to get the latest:



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