Our Christian Brothers and Sisters Please Pray for Israeli Wounded Soldier

From Israel National News

Soldier Wounded from Mortar Fire’s Condition Deteriorates

Public asked to keep praying for Mordechai Hai ben Bracha Yehudit after sudden turn for the worse.

Wounded Israeli soldiers are wheeled into Soroka hospital.Israel news photo: Flash 90

The medical condition of a soldier seriously injured last week by a mortar shell near the Kerem Shalom crossing has deteriorated significantly Thursday.

First Sergeant Mordechai Yamin, 22, who serves in the Combat Engineering Corps, was seriously wounded Thursday near Gaza. He was on pre-discharge leave, and about to complete his mandatory service, when he went to his unit’s base in the Eshkol region, in order to sign off on his military equipment.

He was re-enlisted, however, because of the escalation in Gaza. A salvo of mortar shells was fired at the Eshkol region Thursday and he was hit in the head by shell fragments.

The medical team tried to wake him up on Friday evening but he failed to identify his parents, who were praying at his bedside. Miraculously, however, he recovered a few hours later.

On Thursday, however, the family announced that Yamin’s condition has worsened.

Rabbi Avichai Ronski, former IDF Chief Rabbi, has asked the general public to keep praying for his recovery. His name in Hebrew is Mordehai Hai ben Bracha Yehudit.

Let us also pray for all the soldiers of the IDF that they complete their mission safely.