The Marking of Christians For Persecution Has Begun and is a Prelude to the Coming Antichrist

(Shoebat Exclusive)

By Walid Shoebat And Theodore Shoebat

The situation for Christians in Iraq is dire and has become a prelude to what happened in Nazi Germany and today who in the West is talking about the marking of Christian homes in Iraq? No one.
The photos below are of Christian homes in the Arab district of Mosul Iraq that belongs to the Assyrian Christian community. The Islamic Caliphate placed boards on every Christian home with specific markings to identify Christians for the coming holocaust.

The black writing says “Property of the Islamic State” but the red spray paint is a specific mark. No it is not a smiley face but the Arabic letter “N” for Nusrani (Nazarene/Christian). Nazarene was actually the term Roman pagans, especially the Roman tyrant Julian the Apostate, used when referring to the ancient Christians. Now the Muslim pagans are using it today when killing and tyrannizing the Christians.

mark 4 copy




mark2 copy

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While the Muslims mark themselves on their foreheads and right arms with the banners of Allah, the Christians are beginning to be forced to have the mark of “Christian”.

(above photo are Muslims marking their foreheads and right arms)

And while such persecution is a curse, such suffering is a blessing since “Christian” is the mark of God.

Markings are important and stem from ancient history. During the 4th century pagan king Julian, who was so vindictive toward the Christians that he wrote a book entitled, Against the Christians, in which he chided them for rejecting the idolatrous shield, for drawing the Cross (the mark of God) on their foreheads, and for worshiping Jesus.

The Bible is clear that the true Christians eventually will have the mark of God on their foreheads. (Rev. 14:1, Rev. 22:4, Rev. 9:4).

But what we discovered in Iraq is reminiscent to an impending holocaust and is what happened to the Jews in Germany before they were set for extinction:


Berlin, NS-Boykott gegen jüdische Geschäfte

I have written about this coming epidemic in my first writings “Israel and the World’s Mock Trial” nearly two decades ago in which I explained the reason of these markings on Christian homes in Iraq is that in Islam Christians and Jews must wear identifiable clothing and live in a clearly marked house and must not build their houses in the neighborhood of Muslims. (See Sunan Abu Daud, Book 38, #4390).

The situation has become a prelude to what happened in Nazi Germany and today who in the West is talking about the marking of Christian homes in Iraq? No one. Recently, some 20 Christian leaders reportedly agreed to the conditions made by the Islamists, including payment of a twice-yearly protection tax, ranging from about $125 to $500, depending on personal income levels.

Nina Shea, director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom in Washington, expanded on the restrictions in the National Review. “They are forbidden from reading scripture indoors loud enough for Muslims outside to hear, and the practice of their faith must be confined within the walls of their remaining churches, not exercised publicly (at, for example, funeral or wedding processions),” wrote Ms. Shea, who characterized the requirements as returning to rules attributed to the seventh-century caliphate.

Shea was speaking of the Omar Charter. Throughout the centuries the Jews suffered by the founders of the Islam faith to this day. The infamous Omar Charter declared:

The necks of Dhimmis (Jew and Christians with no rights in the land) are to be sealed when collecting the Jezzieh (tax imposed on Jews and Christians). The method of sealing is to bind the necks of the person with a collar, in it is a piece of lead, stamped on it the amount of his payment, the collar is not to be broken until the payment is completed. This is in accordance to the Quranic verse ‘Until they pay the Jezzieh by an upper hand, may they be subjugated (humiliated)’…And if the person was a Jew, he must wear on his shoulder a red or yellow banner, so he is recognized as a Jew. And if the person is a Christian, he needs to wear harsh clothes, with a large pocket in the chest area like women. As for Christian women, they must wear shoes with different colors, one black and the other white. And if a Jew or a Christian goes into a public bath, he must wear an iron, copper, or lead made collar around his neck so he can be identified from Muslims. Never a Jew or a Christian can build houses higher than a Muslim. They are not to crowd public roads but need to use narrow alleyways, and small streets. They are not to be saluted, nor their graves can be extended beyond the surface of the ground.

While the US is paying lip service. The ultimatum given to Christians in Syria and Iraq is but the most recent casualty of the West’s inaction.

It is amazing that during today’s demonstrations, Islamists and the liberal left wave the slogan Zionism = Nazism, yet a comparison between Nazi law toward Jews, and Dhimmi Law (Jews and other citizens with no rights) in the Omar Charter will reveal a true commonality:

Nazism: Jews need to wear a mark on their clothing to identify them as Jews. The Star of David for identification with the word (Jude) (must be) on the chest. A yellow banner is to be fixed around the shoulder or arm, as to be recognized as a Jew. They must live in the Jewish Ghettos.


Islam: Dhimmis (Jews & Christians) must wear identifiable clothing and live in a clearly marked house. For Jews, a yellow banner is to be fixed around the shoulder or arm, as to be recognized as a Jew. [1]


Nazism: Jews are not permitted to serve in the army or navy. They are not allowed to bear arms.

Islam: He must not ride a horse or bear arms. He must yield the right-of-way to Muslims.

Nazism: Jews cannot hold public offices, whether national, state, or municipal, salaried or honorary, (they) are closed to Jews. Jews cannot be Judges in criminal and disciplinary cases. Jews cannot serve on juries. (Lucy Dawidowicz, The War Against The Jews, Anti-Jewish Legislation, p. 72.)

Islam: Dhimmis (Jews & Christians) cannot be a witness in a legal court except in matters relating to other “Dhimmis” (Jews & Christians) or be a judge in a Muslim court.

Nazism: As compensation for the protection that Jews enjoy as aliens, they must pay double the taxes the Germans pay. (Ibid., p. 75.)

Islam: As compensation for the protection that Dhimmis (Jews & Christians) enjoy, they must pay “Jizzieh,” a special tax to be imposed on Dhimmis (Jews & Christians) only.


Nazism: Marriage to Jews is prohibited. Adoption of Jews and by Jews is prohibited. (Ibid., p. 84.)

Islam: A Jew cannot be the guardian of a Muslim child, or the owner of a Muslim slave.

Nazism: Jews must live in Ghettos.

Islam: They may not build their houses in the neighborhood of Muslims.

But perhaps it is time for the Christian Arabs to recognize that there is something in common between them and the Jewish people. That such persecution that was targeting the Jews has come to the Christians. It is as they say in the Middle East, Saturday people first and Sunday people next. It is perhaps time for Christians in the Middle East to stop listening to the decades of anti-Israel propaganda: the two sects of the Bible are equally targeted regardless if one of the two refuses to agree with the other.

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