Jewish Comedian Jon Stewart Mocks Israel and Defends Palestinians over Gaza

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart is a liberal Jew who would rather mock Israel in its fight with Hamas than support Israel. As is far too often the case, most liberal Jews don’t like Israel very much; a majority of them voted for Barack Obama… twice.

Israel has gone to great lengths to give Palestinians who are being used as shields by Hamas, the opportunity to evacuate. Israel has done this with leaflets and via other means. As has reported, it was Hamas who ordered their resident shields to stay in their homes so that they could be used and exploited after their deaths.

Yet, Stewart would like to suggest that Palestinians have nowhere to run after they are warned, based solely on the fact of the size of Gaza.

Lost on Stewart is that if Palestinians would quit firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel, there would be no need for Israel issue such warnings because there would be no attacks.

As the video points out, it is innocent Israelis who have no place to go because Palestinian rockets are fired into Israel randomly and without warning (h/t BNI):


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