Muslim Doctor Takes Up Knife and Now Wants to Kill Christians

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Feisal Bin Shaman Al-Anzi is a Saudi doctor whose story sparked public controversy throughout the Middle East. His family went all over the media and were claiming that he was simply a humanitarian who treats patients at his clinic in Mosul Iraq.

The questions about his whereabouts came up as Al-Anzi was killed, somehow, and he was announced as a casualty of the ISIS. But photos of him taken in his last days in Mosul show a different story altogether:

Muslim-doctor2طبيب "داعش" السعودي المقتول ملوحاً بسكين الذبحSaudi-doctor1saudi-doctor2

Do these photos need more explanation?

I think not.

Just how many Muslim doctors are there who give the hippocratic oath while in the closet they give oath to Jihad will never be known. But it gets to prove that education and the appearance of civility are not evidence for not being involved in terrorism. Educated folks can be savages. Feisal’s photo carrying the knife was circulated and under it written “Bithabh Jeenakum“, one of the most popular Muslim songs, which means, we came to behead you.

And if you think I am kidding, just take a look at some examples. obtained some eye opening videos.

For example, is a website with its domain in California has tweaked the Arabic song “Ji’nakum Bithabh” (we come to behead you) to include whomever Islamists want the enemy to be. Bidayyat does not include the original lyrics of the song but sort of tweaked it to show that such songs can be directed to all sorts of peoples.


“We are going to behead Catholics,” and even the “Armenians,” so says Bidayyat asking in a way “whats next after the Shiites”.

The song with different variations is sung in regular day-to-day private and public gatherings, weddings and on the streets, balconies and homes. It is sang by old men doing the Muslim rosary, teenagers and even by little children. In Syria, the song is directed on Shia and the U.S.

(Singing We Come to Behead You from balconies)

(Child hosted on shoulders to sing: “we are coming to behead you”.

(Singing “we are coming to behead you in a home worship setting)

(Teens singing “We Are Coming to Behead You”)

Here is a portion of the song we translated:

“We destroyed the U.S. by using a civilian plane. Tomorrow it will be the World financial Center, a heap of rubbles … they called me a terrorist. It is my honor. Our terrorism is blessed. A divine calling … our leader is Muhammad who terrorizes the unbelievers. By the strength of faith, your constitution will be the Quran.”

The phenomenon is growing. What happened to Nick Berg and others a decade or so ago is the good old days. Today we see human slaughterhouses that dwarf anything we have seen in the past.

And in a decade from now, we will speak of these as “the good old days”.

Within a decade from now, the Muslim practice of beheading will increase tremendously, and via Muslim immigration and Islamic outreach into western societies, we will see this trend happening daily here in the streets of the U.S. and in Europe carried out by educated folks dressed up in all sorts of professional medical attire.