Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of State Department played role in Benghazi Compound being Exposed

It has been learned that prior to the Benghazi attacks, a terrorist organization affiliated with Ansar al-Sharia moved in to a building next to the Special Mission Compound (SMC) where Ambassador Christopher Stevens was murdered in Benghazi. It has also been well known that the U.S. State Department contracted the February 17 Martyrs Brigade to provide security.

In response to the Ansar al-Sharia group moving in next door, SMC personnel sought to fortify the compound with requests for sandbags and a belt-fed machine gun. According to the news report by Adam Housley below, the requests were turned down because of how it would look to the Ansar al-Sharia neighbors:

Last month, Housley reported that Mohammed al-Bishari, the landlord of the Benghazi compound was a person of interest and a key figure who is very important in getting to the truth. It is not yet known what connection, if any, al-Bishari has to the property that house Ansar al-Sharia next door.

At what point does the compromising of the State Department by the likes of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser Huma Abedin (who was conveniently on some sort of questionable hiatus at the time) and Rashad Hussain contribute to the attacks?

A culture at the State Department had been created whereby a diplomatic post in Benghazi was left completely unprotected, had a Muslim Brotherhood militia providing security, and had Ansar al-Sharia for next door neighbors. Yet, no one in Congress or the media is sounding alarm bells over Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the State Department?!

Aren’t some truths self-evident enough to draw logical conclusions?

Huma Abedin, Rashad Hussain, Hillary Clinton, Hussain (L to R)

Huma Abedin, Rashad Hussain, Hillary Clinton, Hussain (L to R)

There is a reason why both Abedin and Hussain should have been disqualified from consideration for jobs with the State Department (Hussain should have been fired in 2010 when he had to admit that he lied about comments he made at a MSA event in 2004). There connections to Muslim Brotherhood groups risked compromise and conflicts of interest.

Too many people have deferred to bureaucracy when attempting to explain the lack of security in Benghazi. Not enough people have considered Muslim Brotherhood infiltration.

As reported last month, five Inspectors General received five letters from five Congressmen (led by Rep. Michele Bachmann) who attempted to call attention to Muslim Brotherhood infiltration at the State Department. The circumstances surrounding the SMC and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration there points to Muslim Brotherhood infiltration at the larger State Department.

An admission by the Washington establishment that the State Department has been infiltrated would clearly implicate those who ignored or defended that infiltration.

These additional revelations about Ansar al-Sharia living next door and the subsequent refusal to grant requests by the SMC to protect against those tenants demands another look at how badly the State Department has been compromised by America’s enemies.

As has maintained consistently, that is the job of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. We will have additional evidence that the Committee is compromised if it doesn’t go there.


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