Accessory to Terror Funding Lois Lerner calls Conservatives ‘A**holes’ who are worse than ‘Terrorists’

In a shocking revelation, emails from former IRS official Lois Lerner show that she once referred to patriotic Americans as “assholes” and likened them to “terrorists”. The thickly-laden irony is that Lerner’s signature is at the bottom of the 501(c)(3) approval letters for at least one terrorist front group (CAIR), a highly questionable Muslim organization (Hamza Islamic Center), and the foundation headed by Malik Obama, the Hamas-supporting brother of the President of the United States who works for State Sponsor of Terrorism – Sudan.

In response to an unnamed colleague’s problem with “right wing radio shows” whose hosts expressed concerns that “foreigners are sucking the (government) teat”, Lerner suggested that such people are a bigger threat to the United States than are “alien terrorists” (providing further irony is that as has reported, Malik is not a U.S. citizen; he is U.S. resident who has lived in Washington, DC on and off since 1985).

The emails were released by Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that is investigating the IRS scandal:


As has reported on extensively, while conservative groups were suffering undue scrutiny from Lerner’s division, Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) received both highly expedited and illegal tax exempt service courtesy of Lerner. On June 26, 2011 (a Sunday), BHOF was granted 501(c)(3) status in less than 30 days; that status was also backdated 38 months (April of 2008), which is illegal. Operating for more than 27 months without IRS approval while soliciting tax-deductible contributions is a crime.


At the heart of the IRS scandal is the issue of conservative, law-abiding groups and citizens being targeted by Lerner’s tax exempt division. Members of the House Ways and Means Committee have intentionally avoided introducing the new dynamic. Contrasting Lerner’s treatment of conservatives she referred to as “assholes” who pose a greater threat to the country than “alien terrorists” with her division’s treatment of Malik Obama’s foundation would be a game changer in the scandal.

Yet, Congressmen and at least one attorney for one of those conservative groups (Cleta Mitchell, who represents True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht) who know about this have intentionally avoided it for months. In fact, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), who sits on the Committee chaired by Camp, twice said the claims against Malik and Lerner are “spot on” during a radio town hall on August 29, 2013. Again (and again and again and again and…), here is the audio:

As reported, when given the chance to broach the topic with IRS Commissioner John Koskinen last month at a Committee hearing, Kelly inexplicably took a pass. This new discovery that proves Lerner’s support for real terrorists and contempt for conservatives only further demonstrates how powerful introducing the Malik Obama dimension to the public by the relevant Committees would be.

To this point, Mitchell is doing her client a disservice and Congressmen are doing their country a disservice.

On the day that Camp released the Lerner emails, House Judiciary Committee member Trey Gowdy (R-SC) questioned a law professor about them. The professor was clearly sympathetic to the Obama administration and came across as utterly foolish:


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