Joan Rivers AGAIN defends Israel while Mocking Hamas Deaths

TMZ tracked down Joan Rivers again to confront her about her pro-Israel position relative to Hamas. Perhaps the best line from Rivers came when the reporter pointed out that Hamas was democratically elected. Rivers commented that the people who elected Hamas are ‘very stupid’ and ‘don’t even own a pencil’.

The reporter also made reference to ‘2000 Palestinians’ who are dead. Rivers then mocked the figure for being so low by pointing to Hiroshima, then saying the Palestinians started it and that the deaths are deserved.

Rivers gets an A+ for being a celebrity in a left-wing world who has the guts to be on the right side and to speak out on a topic that represents perfectly why religion and politics are sensitive issues. However, if she’s going to continue down this road, someone close to her could sharpen her knowledge of current events and better prepare her for dealing with whackos like the reporter who confronted her.

Instead of pointing to Hiroshima for a comparison to demonstrate the disparity in death tolls, Rivers would do better to point out that Hamas was responsible for most if not all of those 2000 deaths and that at least half of them were Hamas fighters. By pointing to ‘2000 Palestinians’ being dead, the reporter was actually implying that either none of them were Hamas or that the deaths of Hamas fighters should be mourned; they should not.

A better comparison than Hiroshima would be the lack of outrage over what’s happening in Iraq right now with ISIS. A better comeback to the reporter – who is obviously pro-Hamas – would be to point to the unspeakable atrocities being committed right now by ISIS against innocent people, which far exceeds 2000 deaths. Not only would this expose the reporter for caring more about 2000 deaths instead of so many more but the savages responsible for the deaths in Iraq are essentially Hamas themselves.

By bemoaning the deaths of Hamas fighters in Gaza, the reporter is actually defending ISIS in Iraq, doubly so by ignoring the atrocities committed by ISIS.

Also, not to nitpick but someone should coach Rivers to avoid quoting Colin Powell when making her case.

Rivers was confronted on the issue last month as well:


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