Obama Air Strikes on ISIS Show how WRONG people were about Syria

On today’s show…

Segment 1:
American foreign policy is beyond dysfunctional; it’s schizophrenic. Last year, there was a whole host of Republicans who wanted Obama to launch air strikes against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. The reason?

To help the Free Syrian Army (FSA), comprised of ‘moderate’ rebels. In reality, FSA constituted one half of ‘good cop / bad cop’ in order to justify American aid. Figures who called for those strikes – like Karl Rove – have got to know that. We are left to conclude that something very sinister was responsible for their holding such positions.

Fast forward nearly a year later, to today. ISIS in Iraq is committing unspeakable atrocities against Christians. It has been for quite some time, just like it has been in Syria. Assad has been fighting them all along.

Segment 2:
The conservative Tea Party group True the Vote was dealt a setback by a federal judge in its case against the IRS. TTV attorneys attempted to get the court to order an independent third party to locate the missing Lois Lerner emails based on the changing stories the American people have been told about what happened to them.

Such a ruling by the judge is a harbinger of what TTV can expect.

This reality points to the need for TTV attorney Cleta Mitchell to find a game changer for her client. That game changer is a one-page document already in the public domain. To this point, Mitchell has avoided introducing it into the court of public opinion via media or in congressional testimony.

Segment 3:
The House Intelligence committee completed its report on Benghazi. Though it has not been made public, it’s findings were reportedly non-controversial and unanimous. No fewer than three Democrats on the Committee have spoken publicly and have echoed those claims. This has had the effect of undercutting the Select Committee’s work according to mainstream media reports.

Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers (a Republican) has remained silent abou his Committee’s report.

Rogers has indicated he did not want to see a Select Committee formed.

Again, an excellent way for Gowdy’s committee to be perceived as non-partisan would be for him to depose Rogers and make sure everyone knows it’s happening.


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